Thursday, May 30, 2013

Greece, NY Police Target Motorists in Order to Meet End of Month Quota

By Davy V.
Greece, NY Police set up check point in
end of the month quota.
Photo by Davy V.

Last week when I spoke with Greece, NY Police Captain Patrick Phelan regarding the video of an African-American Olympia High School student, assaulted and arrested by Sgt. James Carris and officer Valerie Cutt, for doing nothing more than walking on a public sidewalk, Phelan, who not surprisingly justified his officers' actions, made sure to tell me that the incident, which he blames the student for, "tied up several officers, on a very busy day."

Phelan claimed that his officers were dispersing crowds of students, and that the student did not follow his officer's orders to "keep walking."

It's interesting Greece Police Captain Phelan would say that, because Wednesday evening, at least 5 Greece, NY Police officers set up a checkpoint on the 390 North ramp, off W. Ridge Rd., which looked more like a manhunt for a fugitive.

Motorists driving onto the ramp, encountered a heavy police presence which included at least three Greece Police cruisers, and two SUV's.

Gotta meet that end of the month quota!

Click Play to watch video

Click Play to watch video of Greece, NY Police Sgt. James Carris and officer Valerie Cutt assault, and falsely arrest student.

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