Monday, June 3, 2013

Video Shows Just how Unprofessional Rochester, NY Police Department is, as Female Officer Yells "Open the fucking door!", then Refuses to Issue Crime Victim, a Police Report!

By Davy V.
more like "disservice."

A YouTube video which shows two Rochester, NY Police officers responding to an apartment house, where the complainant, alleges that the upstairs neighbors are making noise and threatening him and his father, actually shows something else.

Something rarely caught on video.

An inside look at just how unprofessional Rochester Police officers really are.

The video, which is shot by the complainant, shows RPD officers going up some stairs, at which point a female officer bangs on the apartment door, while the second officer can be seen standing on the stairs.

After no one answers the door, the female officer again bangs on the door, then yells "Open the fucking door!"

A young man then answers the door, and the female RPD officer is heard asking him "How many
of you are in here?", before adding "Let's go and talk to all of you, let's go!", as she enters the apartment, without a warrant.

While some may argue that the young man did nothing to tell the officer that she could not enter, the fact is the officer NEVER asked if she could enter, and she never asked for the young man to ask the other people to come to the door.

Instead, this RPD officer clearly abuses her authority with classic intimidation tactics, which actually began with her yelling "Open the fucking door!"
Rochester, NY Police officer
refuses to give man a police report.

Although the video is approximately 6 months old, it is very much relevant, in that it shows, and proves what I have said for over 17 years as an activist, filmmaker, and writer exposing police misconduct, and corruption -- that contrary to what the Rochester Police department wants people to believe, that they pride themselves on serving with professionalism and courtesy, quite the opposite is true.

"Open the fucking door!" ?

Chief Sheppard, at which point in the police academy do they teach the new RPD recruits that?

But wait.

It gets worse.

As you can see in part two of the video, the complainant, clearly not satisfied with the RPD's response, or lack thereof, asks the female officer if the tenants are over 21, and the officer replies "Are they over 21?, I don't know if they're over 21, I didn't ask them."

You didn't ask them?

Ok, let me get this straight.

Rochester Police officers respond to a call where the complainant states that the upstairs neighbors are intoxicated and are threatening him and his father.

This RPD officer then admits herself, that the individuals are "wasted", but she doesn't ask them how old they are?

So despite the officer knowing that individuals are intoxicated, and as she herself said, "wasted", she doesn't feel it's necessary to ask the ages of these individuals?

As a police officer, isn't it her job to ascertain if there are any underage drinkers?


But wait.

Yes, it gets worse.

The video then shows both Rochester Police officers repeatedly refuse to issue a police report, despite the caller requesting one several times.

Clearly being lazy, by not wanting to fill out paperwork, the female officer simply tells the complainant that the individuals "are completely wasted and they don't know what they're saying", and that she told them to "Knock it off."

"They don't know what they are saying"?

"Knock it off"?

There you have it, Rochester, NY... your taxpayer dollars at work.

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