Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rochester, NY Police officer Donald Lodato: "I can't talk to you sir, have a nice day", after I Ask him Why he's Parked illegally

By Davy V.
Rochester, NY Police officer Donald Lodato
Photo by Davy V.

It's not everyday that I run into a story, while covering a story.

A sort of 2 for 1 if you will.

Well, that's exactly what happened while covering a mini Mayoral candidate debate in Rochester, NY yesterday.

As I was leaving the event, I noticed Rochester, NY Police officer Donald Lodato, badge number 329, standing guard near the rear door of the Lyell Avenue Public Library where the event was being held.
RPD officer Lodato's cruiser "W-53"
illegally parked on Avery St.
Photo by Davy V.

As I walked towards my car, I noticed a Rochester, NY Police cruiser "W-53", illegally parked on the wrong side of Avery Street, facing the opposite way.

Seeing the RPD cruiser illegally parked, reminded me of an incident a couple of years ago where several Rochester, NY Police officers selectively targeted a support meeting for Emily Good, the Rochester woman who made international headlines after she was arrested by RPD officer Mario Masic when she video recorded Masic conducting a racially-profiled traffic stop of an African-American motorist.

Officers, using a pink children's school ruler, measured the distance that the tires of vehicles belonging to citizens attending the meeting (myself included), were parked from the curb, and issued tickets to anyone parked even a half inch over.

So, I turned around, and approached officer Lodato, to ask him why he was parked illegally, and why he thought he could park his cruiser, in such a way.

Take a look at the video, and as always let me say this.

No matter how silly, or petty, you may think it is to question a police officer parked the wrong way on a street, remember the following:

That same police officer, took an oath to serve and protect.

Nothing in that oath grants him the right to be above the law.

Badges don't grant extra rights.

And if that's still not enough, then think about this.

If that was YOUR vehicle parked illegally, chances are it would be towed.

If you're lucky, you might get away with a ticket.

Click Play to watch video

Click Play below to watch Rochester, NY Police officers targeting citizens

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