Tuesday, November 5, 2013

African-Americans and Latinos in Rochester, NY... You Wanted Lovely Warren? You Got Her!

Rochester, NY Mayor-Elect
Lovely Warren
By Davy V.

It's official.

Lovely Warren is Rochester, NY's first female Mayor.

And the second African-American Mayor in Rochester history.

The first being William Johnson.

And just like William Johnson, Rochester's African-American community voted for Lovely Warren simply because she's black.

From the beginning it was clear by Lovely Warren's campaign lawn signs, which read "Lovely Warren Our Mayor", that African-Americans would jump on the Warren bandwagon simply because she's black.

Lovely Warren played that race card, and Rochester's African-American and Latino community fell for it!

And that's about the most ignorant reason to vote for someone.

So, I'll keep this short.

To all African-Americans, and Latinos who voted for Lovely Warren simply because you thought that a black woman would care about, identify with, or stand up to issues affecting minorities in Rochester, such as the out of control Rochester, NY Police department profiling, abusing, and killing innocent blacks and Latinos, think again.

Since being elected to Rochester City Council in 2007, and then President in 2010, Lovely Warren has remained silent and has done nothing when it comes to the need, and the 50-plus year call for a real civilian review board with subpoena power to investigate incidents of abuse and misconduct by Rochester Police officers.

Lovely Warren has NEVER attended a rally, or a march, denouncing police abuse at the hands of Rochester police officers.

When Israel "Izzy" Andino, a mentally-ill, young, male Latino, was executed by 7 Rochester Police officers in what neighbors described as a modern-day firing squad; Lovely Warren did nothing.

She said nothing.

When Benny Warr, an African-American, one-legged amputee waiting for a bus on his motorized scooter was picked up, slammed to the sidewalk, beaten, pepper-sprayed, and falsely arrested by white police officers, Lovely Warren did nothing.

She said nothing.

When Brenda Hardaway, an African-American pregnant woman was driven into a wooden porch-railing post, punched in the head, and thrown to the ground, by a white RPD cop, Lovely Warren did nothing.

She said nothing.

So to all the African-Americans and Latinos who voted for Lovely Warren, I want you to remember this.

When YOU or YOUR loved one is racially profiled, harassed, beaten, or executed by over zealous, out of control Rochester, NY Police officers, the black woman YOU elected to be YOUR Mayor WILL NOT care.

You see, YOU voted for her because of her color.

You voted for her because YOU thought she 'looks' like you.

Because YOU 'identified' with her.

Little did YOU know that a Mayor's job in essence, is to oversee a City.

And a City is nothing more than a Corporation.

And a Corporation is nothing more than a business.

And at the end of the day, a business is only concerned with one thing.

Its bottom line.

So think about it.

With Lovely Warren sitting in the highest level of a City government there is, as Mayor, meeting, overseeing, and making closed door deals worth millions of dollars with other corporations, do you really think she will give a crap about 7 Rochester trigger-happy cops executing some poor mentally-ill kid?

Do you really think she will lose any sleep the next time several steroid-jacked rogue cops beat an African-American one-legged amputee waiting at a bus stop because he doesn't move off a public sidewalk when they tell him to?

Do you really think she will care when another pregnant, African-American woman who 'looks' like her, is beaten by a white RPD cop?

News flash!

If she hasn't cared for the last 6 years that she's been on City Council, what makes you think she will care now?

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