Sunday, November 3, 2013

Disturbing Bug Video, Drugs, Secrecy, Payoffs, and Sexual Harassment,Offer a Different Look into Wegmans Food Markets

Danny Wegman
CEO, Wegmans Food Markets.
By Davy V.

In the early 1980's, Rochester, NY based Wegmans Food Market President Danny Wegman was busted in South Florida for possession of cocaine.

Of course, the incident never made the news, because Danny Wegman's father, Bob Wegman made sure his deep pockets, and long money would not only ensure that his son was not charged, but also that Rochester's mainstream, corporate-America run news media would never mention a word of it.

In fact, according to a 19-year Wegmans Distribution Center employee who spoke to me on the condition of anonymity, within the company's inner circle, the incident is still talked about, and it is well known that Danny Wegman loves cocaine, and that yes, Bob Wegman did get his son out of that South Florida pickle.

The employee told me that when it comes to Rochester's news media outlets, they're on Danny Wegman's payroll.

Take, for example, a narcotics raid which occurred at the Wegmans Distribution Center just a couple of years ago, which never made headlines, and in fact, never made it past the Brooks Avenue warehouse doors.

"There was a young guy named Trevor, who began working with us," says the employee.

"The guy seemed really cool and down to earth, he became one of the guys, and even went to bars after work with us."

"Then, one day, several weeks after he began working with us, Trevor barges into the break room, accompanied by several New York State Police investigators and troopers," the employee said.

"Then Trevor flashes his badge at us which was hanging around his neck, and tells us that he's with the New York State Police, and that they are conducting a drug raid."

"They arrested several Latino employees who had been suspected of selling heroin and cocaine, but of course, you never saw or heard one word of it on the news, because Danny Wegman has them paid off."

When I asked the employee to elaborate, he explained a little better what he meant.

"Danny has lunch with all the news channel directors regularly," said the employee, adding, "He's especially close with 13WHAM News director Chuck Samuels, which is why you never heard of the heroin bust, or about Danny getting popped in Florida."

This past week, another Wegmans employee contacted me with a disturbing video.

The employee, who asked me not to publish his name, says that despite Wegmans' squeaky clean image and professional facade, there are secrets which Wegmans officials, and store managers hide behind friendly smiles, and there's a side of the company customers know nothing about.

Among them:

A manager at the Pittsford Wegmans who sexually harasses female employees regularly.

"When I heard him ask a female employee if she wanted to come over to his house and get in his hot tub, I couldn't believe it," said the employee, who also said that store managers treat employees bad.

"He told her why doesn't she come over to his house after work and check out his new hot tub."

The employee told me that the average customer has no idea how the male managers behave, especially with female employees.

The employee says that sexual harassment of female employees by male management is not at all uncommon, and goes unreported.

The employee also says that customers have no idea about behind the scenes in the daily operation of the Pittsford Wegmans.

Which is where the video comes in.

The short video, which was recorded at the Wegmans Food Market in Pittsford, NY, shows an insect crawling on the tile floor behind the store's sub shop.

According to the employee, the store has an ongoing issue with insects and rodents.

The employee says mouse droppings can often be found in the store's stockroom.

So, the next time you head to the Wegmans in Pittsford, NY, or any other Wegmans location, and are ordering a sub, be sure to ask if bugs are extra.

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