Sunday, December 15, 2013

With Rochester, NY Making National Headlines for Poverty and PoliceCorruption, Mayor-elect Lovely Warren is Star-Struck in Washington,DC,with her Sister in Tow

Rochester, NY Mayor-elect
Lovely Warren
poses in front of White House
By Davy V.

With her City having just been named the 5th poorest city in America, and her police department once again making national news after three African-American teens were racially-profiled and arrested while waiting for their school bus, Rochester, NY's Mayor-Elect Lovely Warren had more important things on her mind than poverty and out of control cops.

Like taking photos of President Obama and the White House Christmas tree.

Warren was one of 16 newly-elected mayors who were invited by President Obama to visit the White House Friday for a "discussion on urban issues."

But judging by Warren's tweets, it soon became clear that Rochester's new Mayor was behaving more like a 4th grader on a field trip, than a Mayor.
Lovely Warren tweets:
"I'm the first to arrive"

Simply put, Lovely Warren was overwhelmed, and star-struck.

And she wasted no time in showing it.

In fact, as you can see in the photo on the right, Lovely Warren tweeted a picture of a piece of white cardboard with her name on it, White House stationary, and a pen, with the caption "I'm the first to arrive."

But that wasn't all. 

No, Lovely Warren just couldn't help herself.

From tweeting a photo of the White House Christmas tree, to Holiday decorations in the East Wing, to ones of President Obama while he was speaking (which I not only think is immature, but very rude), Lovely Warren had her twitter on fire!

Over 20 tweets!

Lovely Warren takes photo of President Obama
as he is in mid-sentence speaking.
In one photo Warren took, and posted on Facebook, it appears as of she may have stuck her cell phone right in the First Lady's face!

But there was one photo which Lovely Warren tweeted, that I found particularly interesting.

One of her sister, holding a plate of food, with the caption; "The first sister loves me right now".


Her sister.

Or "First sister", as Lovely Warren refers to her.

Seems like becoming Mayor has really gone to her head... "First sister"?

Does she think she's President?

Lovely Warren tweets photo
of White House Christmas tree.
So, while her city is in crisis, and thousands of families, many who voted for Warren, are struggling to put food on their tables and at least one present for their children under the tree, Lovely Warren was playing paparazzi in the White House.

With her sister, Yantise Jenkins in tow.

I don't know about you, but I think Lovely Warren tweeting and snapping photos left and right while in the White House, is not only immature, unprofessional, and unbecoming of someone holding public office, but I think it also serves as a good indicator of the type of mayor she will be.

Lovely Warren posted this photo
of First Lady on facebook.
Immature and ditzy.

And the fact that she brought her sister along?

Well, I'll let you answer that one.

Only question I have is, who paid for Warren and her sister's trip to the Nation's Capital?

Perhaps Rochester, NY resident
Jesus Curbelo summed it up best.

"We have legit problems in the Roc right now, and she's out there schmoozing."

Getting her Grub On!
Full photo showing Lovely Warren's sister,
Yantise Jenkins eating at White House.
Lovely Warren takes her sister
Yantise Jenkin's photo, then tweets
"The first sister loves me right now"

Rochester, NY
5th poorest city in U.S.

Rochester, NY's 31.1% Povert Rate
Makes it the 5th Most Poorest City in U.S.

One of Rochester, NY's countless homeless,
under an expressway overpass.

Photo by Rochester, NY Open Door Mission

The Rochester, NY Police department, one of the most corrupt police forces in the U.S., recently made national news
after Rochester, NY Police officer Eliud Rodriguez racially-profiled, and falsely arrested
three African-American students waiting for a school bus.

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