Friday, December 20, 2013

Despite Rochester, NY being Ranked 5th Poorest City in U.S., Lovely Warren will be One of New York State's Highest Paid Mayors

Rochester, NY mayor-elect Lovely Warren
By Davy V.

Rochester, NY mayor-elect Lovely Warren's salary, which was just approved by City Council, will be $140,861.

That's over $25,000 more than Syracuse, NY Mayor Stephanie Miner's salary.

Warren's salary is also more than Buffalo, NY Mayor Byron Brown's.

In fact, Lovely Warren's salary is higher than state capital, Albany, NY's mayor-elect, Kathy Sheehan's salary.

So, given the fact that Rochester, NY was just ranked the 5th poorest city in the U.S., why is Lovely Warren the highest paid big-city mayor in upstate New York?

Perhaps that's a question hardworking, Rochester taxpayers should be asking City Council.

Here's another disturbing fact:

Rochester, NY City Council members, whose salaries are set, and adjusted according to inflation, can choose to decline their raises.

For example, Rochester City Council members Carolee Conklin, Jackie Ortiz, and Dana Miller, all refused to accept a raise.

Lovely Warren, a lawyer, who served as City Council President, DID NOT.

The soon to be Mayor of the 5th poorest city in the U.S. accepted a raise, and left office with a salary of $43,800.
With a poverty rate of 31.1%, Rochester, NY
'was ranked the 5th poorest city in the U.S.

For a part-time position.

And for all the Lovely Warren supporters, who continue to drink the Kool-aid, and who continue to believe that she truly is their mayor, as Warren's "Our Mayor" campaign lawn signs and posters read, especially all the African-Americans and Latinos who voted for Warren, simply because of her skin color, I say this to them:

While you struggle to pay your bills and put food on your table...  while you stress about how you're going to be able to put a few presents for your children under the tree, with that Rochester Gas and Electric shut off notice you haven't even opened yet... here's a breakdown of Lovely Warren's administration's salaries.

As you read the six-figure salaries, I want you to keep this small number in mind:  $15,080

That's a yearly minimum wage income.

Before taxes.

Rochester, NY City Hall Salaries under Lovely Warren Administration:

Lovely Warren, Mayor, $140,861
Len Redon, Deputy Mayor, $131,300 
Jeremy Cooney, Chief of Staff, $119,066 
T. Andrew Brown, Corporation Counsel, $121,625 
Delmonize Smith, Neighborhood and Business Development Commissioner, $121,625 
Norman Jones, Environmental Commissioner, $121,625 
Marisol Lopez, Recreation and Youth Services Commisioner, $121,625 
Christine Christopher, Communications Director, $121,625 
Lisa Bobo, Chief Information Officer, $126,911 
Allen Williams, Special Projects Director, $121,625 
C. Mitchell Rowe, Planning and Zoning Director, $88,565 
Spencer Ash, Development Services Director, $109,325 

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