Friday, January 17, 2014

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren Lied

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren
By Davy V.

Last Monday, during a press conference following reports that Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's uncle/personal bodyguard/chauffeur Reggie Hill was pulled over by New York State Police on Wednesday January 8th on the New York State thruway for driving 97 miles per hour, Mayor Lovely Warren LIED.

When asked by reporters if her SUV had been pulled over on the way to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address in Albany, Lovely Warren said no, they were stopped on the way back, after Governor Cuomo's address.

Lovely Warren LIED.

Yesterday, following days of Lovely Warren and her administration refusing to answer a simple question: Was her SUV stopped twice for speeding?, in a planned public relations spin control attempt,  Lovely Warren's administration released a letter they say was written by Warren's uncle, Reggie Hill to Deputy Rochester, NY Mayor Leonard Redon, where Hill admits that he was pulled over twice for speeding by New York State Police.

Hill also admits to turning on a "No Turn on Red" sign a violation he says he will pay a $50 fine for.

In Hill's letter, dated January 16, 2014, he apologizes for his judgement, then immediately tries to justify his actions by blaming his career as a former New York State Police investigator, saying that as part of his career, which includes working security for three New York State Governors, it was common practice to drive at high speeds.

Reggie Hill
"As a member of the Governor's security detail, it had been our practice to travel at a rate above the prevailing speed of other travels for security reasons," Hill writes.

Hill, who has been suspended for one week without pay, then goes on to admit that he was pulled over twice by New York State Police, once while en route to Albany, and once on the drive back.

"On my way to the State of the State address last week, the vehicle I was driving was pulled over by a State trooper.", Reggie Hill writes.

Monday, at the press conference, in her office, Lovely Warren didn't say anything about her SUV bring pulled over twice.

In fact, when asked if her SUV had been pulled over to or coming back from Governor Cuomo's speech, Lovely Warren replied "we were coming from."

Then, when asked again, if the traffic stop occurred when she was returning from Albany, Lovely Warren replied, "Yes."

Lovely Warren LIED.

Lovely Warren NEVER said anything about being stopped on the way to Albany.

Again, Lovely Warren LIED.

Then, in another disgusting, disturbing move by Lovely Warren's administration, they release Reggie Hill's 'alleged' letter, on a day where Rochester's news focus was on a house on Rowley Street, where Matthew Straton's body was dug up from the home's backyard.

Reggie Hill's letter
Straton had been missing since October.

I assure you the timing of the letter's release, in an obvious attempt to be done with this, was NO coincidence.

Lovely Warren's administration know exactly what they are doing.

They want Rochester taxpayers to forget that Lovely Warren LIED.

Reggie Hills letter:

"Per our meeting, I would like to say first and foremost, that I want to apologize to the citizens of Rochester, the New York State Police, Rochester City Council, the staff of City Hall and all concerned parties regarding my lack of judgment. I have been a New York State police officer for more than 30 years, and a member of the security detail for three previous Governors of New York -- and as such became accustomed to certain practices. Since retiring from the New York State Police and accepting a temporary appointment as Director of Executive Services for Mayor Lovely Warren, I have learned a great deal and am clear that many previous practices that I carried over from my State Police days do not apply.

On my way to the State of the State address last week, the vehicle I was driving was pulled over by a state trooper. As a member of the Governor’s security detail, it had been our practice to travel at a rate above the prevailing speed of other travels for security reasons. When I identified myself as driving a security detail, the trooper responded as I expected he would, based on my past experience. On the return trip, the vehicle was stopped for a second time. Again, I explained that I was driving a security detail but this time the trooper verbally reprimanded me and told me to abide by the speed limit, and I complied. When asked, in response to an inquiry by the Albany Times-Union if I had been stopped on the NYS Thruway, I responded simply and truthfully: yes.

I take full responsibility for this occurrence and regret any embarrassment that it has caused to Mayor Warren. For weeks I have carefully monitored threats coming from many directions as have been reported in recent days. As also discussed, in light of new issues being raised on social media, I confirm that I purchased a child safety seat for the vehicle with my personal funds (receipt available) since Mayor Warren’s daughter, Taylor, accompanies her to community and other events from time to time most recently to the YWCA for Governor Cuomo’s holiday visit.

As a member of Mayor Warren’s security detail, I am very clear that I must abide by all the rules and regulations as everyone else does. Per our meeting, I acknowledge a disciplinary action of a week’s suspension without pay (January 19-January 24) and a $50 fine payable to the City’s general fund for turning right on red without coming to a complete stop. Again, I apologize for my actions and the subsequent disruption to City Hall business. "

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