Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seneca County, NY Parole Officers Arrested, Charged with Grand Larceny, Filing False Instrument

The Faces of Corruption.
NYS Parole officers arrested.
By Davy V.

Parole officers supervise individuals who have are released early (paroled) from prison sentences for crimes they have been convicted of.

A parole officer has the power to show up at your home, your place of employment, or any other location you happen to be at, just to check up on you.

And they can violate you, which can result in you going back to prison, for just about anything.

That's a lot of power and responsibility entrusted upon someone.

And like police officers, or any other official in positions of power and trust, when they become corrupt, they must be exposed.

Because just like police officers, and the law enforcement community as a whole, all it takes is a few dirty ones to tarnish the good work that many are committed to doing.

Three Seneca County, NY parole officers were arrested by New York State Police, and charged with filing false time sheets.

In an investigation that included State Police, New York State Departnent of Corrections, and the Community Supervision Inspector General's Office, 56-year old Cheryl D'Amico of Geneva, NY, 57-year old Mechela Cordiero of Wolcott, NY, and 49-year old Debra Camillo of Ithaca, NY were arrested and charged with grand larceny and offering a false instrument for filing.

All three were arraigned in Waterloo, NY Town Court and released on their own recognizance, without having to post any bail.

Now if only the New York State Police can stop giving former NYS Troopers free passes when they are pulled over on the thruway like they did to retired New York State Police investigator Reggie Hill, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's uncle, personal bodyguard, and chauffeur, then maybe New York State taxpayers could begin to trust them.

Reggie Hill was pulled over twice for speeding.

Once on his way to take Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren to Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State Address in Albany, NY, where he was clocked driving 92 miles per hour, and the second time while driving Mayor Warren back to Rochester, where he was clocked driving 97 miles per hour.

He was not ticketed for either stop.

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