Monday, March 17, 2014

Video Shows Rochester, NY Police officers Kneeing and Punching Man after Juicy J. Concert

Rochester, NY Police officers
kneeing and punching man
By Davy V.

A video posted to Facebook shows a man being pinned on the hood of a Rochester, NY Police cruiser, while three Rochester Police officers are kneeing and punching him.

Although the video is not the best quality, and very shaky as the person recording it is moving around a lot, it doesn't appear to show the man offering any type of resistance.

The incident took place Sunday night after the Juicy J. concert at the Main Street Armory, on East Main Street in Rochester.

As you can see in the video below, at about the :12 second mark of the video, a Rochester Police officer punches the man several times.

Around the :17 second mark of the video, the Rochester Police officer closest to the camera turns around and looks at the camera, his face nearly covered entirely, except for his eyes.

Rochester, NY Police officer, his face covered by mask,
realizes someone is video recording
It is not known why the Rochester Police officers had stooped the man.

Near the end of the video, at least one Rochester Police officer makes a bee line straight to the person recording the video, in what looks like an intimidation tactic to either get the person to stop video recording, or force him to move back in order to make it harder to capture the abuse.

As you can see in the video, the RPD cop's intimidation tactics seem to work, as the person recording, continues to move further she further back, until the video stops.

In my upcoming book, which will focus on citizens' first amendment right to photograph and video record law enforcement officers, I will share advice and tips on recording and documenting police officers, and incidents of police abuse such as this one.

One of the most important things to always remember when recording cops, and something I will talk about in my book, is to ALWAYS keep the camera, cell phone, or other recording device on the subject or subjects.

In other words, never take the camera's focus off the action.

And never, ever allow police to intimidate you, and stop you from documenting their actions.

As long as you are not interfering with them, and as long as you remain at a safe distance, IT IS YOUR FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT TO RECORD!

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