Friday, August 29, 2014

Buffalo, NY Police officer Helps Elderly Woman with Yard Work

Buffalo, NY Police officer
helps elderly woman clean her yard.
By Davy V.

It's so nice to be able to take a break from story after story about some rogue, overzealous, dirty cop abusing and misusing his or her authority, and be able to expose a police officer in a different way.

Take, for example, a photo which was sent in to a Buffalo, NY news station by Ace Cordero in June showing a Buffalo, NY Police officer helping an elderly woman clean her yard last.

The photo was recently re-posted on social media.

As you can see in the photo, the Buffalo Police officer is raking the elderly woman's yard.

According to Cordero, the woman's husband passed away last year, and Cordero says he was moved to see the Buffalo Police officer helping her clean her yard.

Good deeds such as these are very important to point out, especially since let's be honest, it seems as though the law enforcement profession has hit an all-time low, with cops making headlines for everything from beating their girlfriends and wives, to executing innocent family pets, to gunning down unarmed citizens.

Rochester, NY Police homicide investigator
David Simpson helps senior citizen cross street.
This Buffalo, NY cop's good deed reminds me of a photo I took of Rochester, NY Police homicide investigator David Simpson last November, after he stopped his unmarked police vehicle in traffic to help an elderly woman cross a very busy intersection in Rochester, NY last November.

Unfortunately, good deeds such as these often go unnoticed, mainly because the truth is that rogue, abusive cops, who somewhere along the line, forgot the oath they swore to "Protect and Serve", screw it up for good officers such as these, who go out of their way to help the elderly.

Two thumbs up for this Buffalo, NY Police officer and for Rochester Police homicide investigator Dave Simpson, who remind us that perhaps there are still a few good officers left.

And two thumbs up for Ace Cordero for the great photo!

Click link below to read my original piece on Rochester, NY Police homicide investigator David Simpson helping senior citizen cross street.

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