Friday, September 12, 2014

Rochester, NY Tattoo Shop Honors Fallen RPD Officer Daryl Pierson'sMemory with 'FUCK YOU DAVY' T-Shirts (UPDATED)


By Davy V.

There are many ways to honor a fallen police officer.

Take for example the Village of East Rochester, NY, the hometown of Rochester, NY Police officer who was shot and killed on September 3, 2014, according to Rochester Police, while attempting to arrest a parole violator.

East Rochester residents lit more than 4,000 luminaries in RPD officer Pierson's memory, including setting up luminaries in memory of officer Pierson's initials, "J.P."

Even officer Pierson's East Rochester High School football tram honored him by sticking "RPD 46" thin blue line stickers on their football helmets.

Players also sold the stickers with proceeds going to officer Pierson's family.

All very thoughtful ways to honor officer Pierson.

But there's one Rochester, NY business which took a little different approach in honoring RPD officer Daryl Pierson.

Extreme Graphix Tattoo Shop is selling "FUCK YOU DAVY V." t-shirts for $25.00 a pop.

According to Extreme Graphix owner John Sniper, all proceeds will go to Rochester Police officer Daryl Pierson's family.


I understand there are some folks who don't like my work.

But I can't think of a more distasteful way to honor someone's memory.


And just to prove to anyone who doubts that Extreme Graphix did in fact get FUCK YOU DAVY V. t-shirts done in memory of Rochester Police officer Daryl Pierson, just check out the video below to listen to what an Extreme Graphix employee tells me, after I call pretending to be someone asking about the t-shirts.

Click the link below to listen to my call to Extreme Graphix!

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