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Charlie Tan Gets Away with Blowing his Father's Head Off, After Judge Piampiano Dismisses Case Against Him. Monroe County, NY District Attorney Sandra Doorley: "This is a Travesty of Justice!"

                THAT SMIRK Charlie Tan's Mugshot
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UPDATED MAY 1, 2016 9:00 A.M.

The Charlie Tan case will air on Dateline NBC tonight at 10:00 p.m. EST, but I can sum up the entire case in one sentence and save you an hour of watching the show.

Here it goes...

Charlie Tan, a privileged Asian-American college student got away with blowing his father's face off with a shotgun, with the help of the white, affluent community of Pittsford, NY.

Read my original story on the Charlie Tan case below.

By Davy V.

As much as I hate to say this, I have to.


It's over.

Charlie Tan got away with murder.

And I can't say I'm the least bit surprised.

You see, it was all planned from the start.

Judge James Piampiano declares a mistrial, just a few weeks before his big election.

Then, to appease the community, Piampiano schedules a court date for Monroe County, NY prosecutors and defense lawyers to meet to discuss a new trial.

Then this morning, Judge Piampiano dismisses the case against Charlie Tan entirely.

Just like that.

Two days after winning his election.

After ruling that there wasn't sufficient evidence to warrant Tan being tried for the murder again, Judge Piampiano lets a cold blooded killer, who blew his father's head off, walk.

Sometime between February 5, and February 8, 2015, Charlie Tan, 19, a Cornell Unversity student, grabbed a shotgun which his best friend, Whitney Knckerbocker purchased for him at a WalMart in Cortland, New York, Charlie Tan shot his dad several times in his face, head, and arm, as Jim Tan sat at his desk in his upstairs home office. (SEE MY ORIGINAL PIECE BELOW)

At one point Thursday morning, Judge Piampiano threatened to have Monroe County Assistant District Attorney William Gargan put in handcuffs after Gargan tried to speak and voice his disagreement with Piampiano's decision to dismiss the case against Tan.

"Do not yell into that microphone!", Judge Piampiano yelled at Gargan.  

"I would have been happy to be put in handcuffs," Monroe County Assistsnt District Attorney William Gargan said after the ruling.

"This is a travesty of justice," said Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley.

Doorley added, "This is prejudice within the criminal justice system, this never would have happened to a city kid."

Which is exactly what I said from day one.

As usual, this case has brought out some of the most disturbed individuals, who have actually rooted for a killer all along.

A killer who executed his father.

Take, for example, Matt Higgins, who goes by the user name @DJhigginz on Twitter.

Higgins felt it necessary to tweet me to express just what a sick individual he is, to support a killer.

As you can see in the tweet below, Higgins writes:

"Haha gotta give #CharlieTan some credit. He beat the system."

In another tweet, this one addressed to me, Higgins writes:

"@DavyVara They should've given him a medal too."


Matt Higgins thinks Charlie Tan deserves a medal for beating the system.

So there you have it.

Charlie Tan.

An Ivy League scholar.

From a rich, affluent town.

Pittsford, NY.

With friends in high places.

Like New York State Assemblyman Bill Nojay, whose son is best friends with Charlie Tan.

So what do I really think?

Judge Piampiano was bought and paid for.

Judge Piampiano conveniently waited until two days after winning his election, to let Charlie Tan, a murderer who blew his father's head off, go free.


On Monday November 23rd, Monroe County, NY District Attorney Sandra Doorley filed an appeal with the New York State Court of Appeals asking the court to reverse Judge Piampiano's decision to make Charlie Tan a free man.

Charlie Tan is all smiles after Judge Piampiano dismisses case against him 


By Davy V.

Charlie Tan got away with blowing his father's head off.

I can't say I'm the least bit surprised.

There's one more killer loose in the Rochester, NY area today.

His name is Charlie Tan.

And he got away with murder.

But judging by that smirk that he had on his face from day one, Charlie Tan always knew he'd get away with it.

Thursday morning, a mistrial was declared after a Monroe County, NY jury deliberated for 7 days.

But while many, including myself thought that the jury of 10 women and 2 men were clearly looking for a reason, any reason not to convict Tan, ignoring clear evidence that Charlie Tan is a killer, it turns out it they didn't stop deliberations.

The judge did.

Judge Piampiano ended deliberations and thus, the trial.

And according to jurors who spoke after the mistral, they were disappointed that Judge Piampiano ended the trial, and as a result, let a killer go free.

According to one juror, the count began with 8 to acquit, and ended with 9 to convict.

Jurors also said they were ready to continue deliberating when Piampiano ended the trial.

The Monroe County, NY District Attorney's office says it will retry Charlie Tan.

Sometime between February 5, and February 8, 2015, Charlie Tan, 19, a Cornell Unversity student, grabbed a shotgun which his best friend, Whitney Knckerbocker purchased for him at a WalMart, and as his father Jim Tan, 49, CEO of Dynamax Imaging, sat at his desk in an upstairs office of their 37 Coach Side Lane, Pittsford, NY home, Charlie Tan shot his dad several times in his face, head, and arm.

The Shotgun Charlie Tan used To Execute his Father, Jim Tan. 
Photo: Twitter

The Tan Home, 37 Coach Side Lane, Pittsford, NY
Photo: Twitter

Experts testified in the trial that Jim Tan could have been killed as early as February 5th, that's four days before Charlie Tan's mother, Jean Tan called 911 on February 9th, in what many believe was a well planned and rehearsed phone call, frantically telling the 911 operator that her husband was dead.

Jean Tan
Photo: Twitter

This case has all the ingredients of one of those made for tv murder movies.

Chinese immigrants come to the U.S. and achieve the American dream.

Well, Jim Tan achieved the American dream.

You see, by all accounts, and in court testimony, one thing became quite clear.

Jean Tan was all about the money.

She inherited the house, and Jim Tan's $2.1 million Dynamax Graphics business.

And according to Rochester, NY Demcrat and Chronicle newspaper reporter John Hand reported that in the dais prior to Jm Tan being executed in his upstairs office, Jean Tan withdrew large amounts of money from bank accounts.

Charlie Tan and his mother planned the whole thing out.


Well, there was that time when Charlie Tan went to a friend's house and asked him how much money he had.

Charlie Tan also told the friend that he was leaving the country.


The friend, concerned about Charlie Tan, called police.

A short time later a Monroe County, NY Sherff's deputy stood at the front door of Tan's home, making sure Charlie boy was ok.

It's believed that as the deputy talked with Charlie boy, his father's corpse was already rotting away in the office, as the family dog chewed away at Jim Tan's "obliterated" face and head.

That's how Monroe County, NY Assistant District Attorney William Gargan described what Charlie Tan did to his dad's face and head.

He "Obliterated" it.

Then there was the research of prominent defense attorneys that Charlie Tan and his mom did in the days leading up to, and after, Jim Tan's execution.

In fact, police found several Rochester area attorney's names written on paper in Jean Tan's pockets.

How's that for a made TV movie?

But wait it gets even more disturbing.

The defense strategy that Charlie Tan's defense team lead by attorney James Nobles came up with was classic.

Blame the mother.

And that's exactly what they did.

Because nothing creates reasonable doubt more than to plant in jurors' heads that Jean Tan was the real killer and that there's no way they could allow Charlie to take the fall for his mom.

But Charlie Tan's mom isn't talking.

She never did.

She never has.

And more than likely she never will.

And neither is Charlie Tan.

In fact, from the beginning, Jim Tan's murder has puzzled authorities.

Many in Rochester's law enforcement community have described the execution style murder as having an eerie cloak of secrecy, with Charlie Tan and his mother Jean Tan not saying a word about how Jim Tan got his face and head blown off, and then was left to rot in his office, with his decomposing body becoming takeout food for the family pooch.

The defense team also used alleged domestic violence in order to influence the jury, and gain their sympathy.

They painted Jim Tan as an abusive husband.

Even though Jean Tan never pressed charges and refused to file for an order of protection.

Don't get me wrong.

Domestic violence is a very serious issue.

But if there was domestic violence, and if Jean Tan was truly a victim of domestic abuse, that doesn't mean your Ivy League son can grab a shotgun and blast your husband's head off while he's sitting at his desk.

Charlie Tan doesn't have the right to play judge, jury, and executioner.

Yet that's exactly what he did.

And he got away with it.

At least for now.

But this was more.

This was much more.

There's a lot more we will never know.

Charlie Tan getting away with executing his father was guaranteed from the start of this case.

From his arrest.

You see, Rochester, NY's mainstream news media portrayed Charlie Tan as a hero.

They plastered television and print news reports featuring white, affluent suburbanites, including  plenty of soccer moms, praising Charlie Tan as the great All-American student.

A polite, likable, all around great guy.

And in doing so, Rochester's news media did what they always do.

They tainted the court of public opinion.

And they tainted potential jurors.

Potential jurors who were chosen to be on that jury.

The same jurors who let a killer go free.

Because they were confused.

Can you blame them?

Rochester's mainstream news media made Charlie Tan a hero.

And stupid gullible rich Pittsford suburbanites, including soccer moms with their big gas-guzzler SUV's bought into the bullshit that Rochester's mainstream news media fed them.

Every last little bit.

Combine that with Charlie Tan's fraternity buddies who filled the courtroom every day, and along with Charlie Tan's girlfriend, who had a look of an abused woman herself, and that's all it took to get a hug jury.

Had Charlie Tan been Raekwon or Julio form da hood, his ass would be locked up, getting ready to be shipped to a max where he'd start a 25 to life bid for executing his defenseless father.

But he's not Raekwon or Julio.

He's Asian.

From Pittsford, NY.

A rich and affluent town.

And unlike Raekwon or Julio from da hood, Charlie Tan has rich, affluent friends.

Friends whose fathers are lawyers, and judges.

And politicians.

Like New York State Assemblyman Bill Nojay, whose son is good friends with Charlie Tan.

Bill Nojay went on every news channel in Rochester immediately after Tan was arrested, talking about what a great kid Charlie Tan is.

And of course, Rochester's mainstream news media plastered it everywhere.

More tainting.

Oh yeah, remember that shotgun that Charlie Tan used to blow his dad's head off?

You know, the one that Charlie Tan's friend, Whitney Knickerbocker purchased for him?

Well that's a straw purchase.

But interestingly enough, Whitney Knickerbocker has not been charged with any crime.

That's because Whitney Knickerbcker is, well, a Knickerbocker.

As in Knickerbocker farms, one of the oldest farms in New York State.

Founded by George Knickerbocker in 1839, and now run by Dave and Larry Knickerbocker, the farm was instrumental in the building of the Erie Canal.

Larry Knickerbocker is Whitney Knickerbocker's father. 

The Knickerbockers are a very powerful influential family.

Which is explains why Whitney Knickerbocker wasn't charged for making a straw purchase of a shotgun which was used to execute a father.

Charlie Tan even told a Monroe County, NY Sheriff's deputy that he "did it" to protect his mother.

Not to mention the email that Charlie sent to his friends and fraternity brothers, which reads like, well, like someone who just executed his father and realizes he may be going away for a very long time.

In the email Charlie Tan writes: "In the coming days you'll start to hear things in the news and possibly visits from the authorities. Don't listen to anything you hear. A few already know my true story and in time you will also. I love you all so much and you have given me the family I never had. I can only hope I have left a positive impression on all of your lives as well..."

Charlie Tan ends the email with: "The best days are ahead of all of us and I promise I will be back in the future. In the meantime I hope you will visit. Love, Charlie"

There's one more killer lose in the Rochester, NY area today.

His name is Charlie Tan.

And he got away with murder.

At least for now.

Charlie Tan, All Smiles.l
Photo: Twitter

Charlie Tan Smilng and Hamming it Up For News Cameras
Photo: Twitter

A Well Coached Charlie Tan sits at Defense Table.
Photo: Twitter

Charlie Tan and Girlfriemd leave Courtroom
Photos: Twitter

Charlie Tan, with girlfriend behind him, talks to a woman after mistrial.


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