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Rochester, NY Cop Drives Reckless, Nearly Runs My Son Over, Fellow officer Ebony Archetko Defends Him; "Did He Hit Your Son?"

Rochester, NY Police officer Ebony Archetko Defends Fellow Cop; "Did he hit your son?"

By Davy V.

When it comes to driving reckless and putting innocent lives in danger, the Rochester, NY Police Department has a long history of both. (SEE PHOTOS BELOW)

In fact, Rochester Police officers regularly exceed safe speeds and use poor judgement when driving in highly populated residential areas.  

Including neighborhoods where children play.

Rochester, NY cops have hit and killed innocent pedestrians, including children, crashed into other motorists, fallen asleep behind the wheel, hitting parked cars, and flipped cruisers over.

But, according to Rochester, NY Police officer Ebony Artcheko, badge # 413, unless one of her fellow officers actually hits an innocent child, she doesn't really care that one of her fellow officers has no regard for children's safety.

And according to Rochester Police officer Ebony Archetko, I have no right to question her fellow officer about his reckless driving.

Even though I pay his salary.

Saturday morning as I was dropping  my son off at a relative's house after his basketball game, I popped the trunk so that he could get his hover board.

I was legally parked on the side of the street when my son hopped on his hover board directly behind my car, which means he wasn't in any way positioned where he would be impeding traffic, besides it's a very quiet residential street with very little traffic.

Even still, I would have preferred he had waited until he was on the sidewalk to hop on his hover board, but you know how kids are, and he was headed up the end of the driveway, to get onto the sidewalk.

That's when I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a Rochester, NY Police cruiser, driving erratic, at a high rate of speed, with no lights or sirens on, and driving straight at my son.

I yelled to my son to get on the sidewalk and at the last minute, less than a foot from running right into my car, almost as if the officer hadn't seen me parked there, or my son, the officer pulled his cruiser to the left, screeching his tires, almost running my son over.

I caught up with the officer who was driving cruiser 223.

And what happened next was almost as disturbing as the officer's reckless driving.

And of course I captured it on video.

Check out what happens when I approach the officer who by this time is standing next to two other Rochester Police officers.

Rochester, NY Police officer Ebony Archetko helps her fellow officer escape any accountability for his reckless actions.

Officer Archetko seems to downplay her fellow officer's reckless driving which could have seriously injured or killed my son, by repeatedly asking me "Did he hit your son?", with a smirk on her face.

As you watch the video, pay close attention to how both Rochester Police officer in the background, including the cop who almost hit my son, conveniently wait for, and use Rochester Police officer Ebony Archetko's running interference for them, to sneak away.

Below I've posted a close up screen shot of the officer.

Notice the SAP gloves he's wearing.

SAP gloves have been banned and are illegal in some states due to the serious injuries they can inflict.

SAP glove knuckles are filled with lead, and cops love to wear them, especially Rochester, NY Police officers, because the can seriously hurt people.

I've placed several calls to Rochester Police but still have not heard back.


Rochester, NY Cop who nearly hit my son.

Rochester, NY Police officer Ebony Archetko


Rochester, NY Police officer Ebony Archetko walks away before closing on me after I repeatedly ask for her fellow officer's name.

Rochester, NY Police cruiser 223 

Check out the photos below of Rochester, NY Police officers and the aftermath of their reckless driving.

Rochester, NY Police officer flips his cruiser over after driving recklessly on s street while children played outside

Rochester, NY cop falls asleep behind the wheel and hits parked car.

Rochester, NY Police officer crashes into car sending a family to the hospital with injuries.

Rochester, NY Police cruiser after crashing into car with family inside.

Rochester, NY Police officer crashes into building.

Rochester, NY Police officer crashes into tree.

Rochester, NY Police officer crashes into motorist.  

Rochester, NY Police cruiser after running off road and striking car.


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