Saturday, March 26, 2016

City of Rochester, NY Official Caught on Video Driving Up Wrong Way on One-Way Street, On Way to Meet Wife at Bar,Tries to Hit My Camera; "I'm On My Time!"

City of Rochester, NY Investigator Miller wasn't too happy with my video recording him.

By Davy V.

When it comes to exposing official misconduct, one of most commons I get from folks is, "Why?", "Why do you do it?"

My answer is simple.

Because it disgusts me to see public officials, who are paid by our tax dollars, violate the public's trust in them, by abiding their authority and positions of power.

Case in point.

Saturday afternoon, just three days after having my "DavyVTV DASHCAM" set-up in vehicle, I observed a City of Rochester. NY official vehicle, a white Ford Escape driving erratic, peeling out and screeching its tires.

I turned on my DASHCAM and decided to start filming.

And I'm glad I did.

As the driver of the official vehicle, a male white, approached Probert Street, a one-way street which runs parallel to the East Avenue Wegmans Food Market, he turned onto the one-way street.

The wrong way, onto oncoming traffic.

Forced to continue straight, I made it to East Avenue, then headed towards the intersection of Probert Street.

That's where I observed the City of Rochester official vehicle, waiting to turn onto East Avenue.

The City of Rochester official vehicle then turned into a parking lot, and I pulled in after.

That's when I walked up to the City of Rochester, NY public official, who as you'll see in the video below, refused to give me his name.

Luckily, his name was on his uniform.

"Inv. Miller."

Investigator Miller.

It's important to note that Investigator Miller parked in front of The Dr.'s Inn bar.

Watch the video to see how he not only refuses to take any accountability for his above the law reckless actions, putting innocent lives at risk, but also pay close attention how he begins to walk toward me, at one point getting so close that he almost hits my phone.

In fact notice how I'm forced to continue to back up to avoid him from coming in contact with me.

Toward the end of the video, a woman believed to be City of Rochester, NY Invesigator Miller's wife tries to  justify his reckless actions, saying they were meeting for lunch.

I will be updating this piece.


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