Thursday, April 21, 2016

Brighton, NY Cops Order Town Employees to Destroy Homeless Tents

Rochester and Brighton, NY Cops Search Homeless Tent 

UPDATED FRIDAY APRIL 22, 2016 11:00 A.M.

Friday morning, members of Brighton, NY Public Works Department, under direct order from Brighton Police and Brighton Town Supervisor Bill Moehle, destroyed homeless tents in a wooded area behind Jennifer Hansen's home at 1054 Highland Avenue, throwing away what little personal belongings were inside the tents.


Brighton, NY Public Works employees 

By Davy V.

Rochester, NY News 10NBC television reporter Chris Horvatits reminds me of that annoying fucking kid we all knew in school, who would always snitch out his classmates, and kiss all the ass he could just to get that golden star.

Rochester News 10NBC Reporter Chris Horvatits

When it comes to Rochester, NY's growing homeless epidemic, Chris Horvatits could have used his position in various ways.

For example, he could have gone to Rochester City Hall, confront Mayor Lovely Warren with cameras rolling,  and ask her what she and her administration are doing about Rochester's homeless.

While there, Horvatits could have asked the Mayor how is it, that in a city which rakes in millions of dollars every year in red light camera tickets, homeless people are sleeping under highway bridge underpasses, even bearing below zero temperatures in winter.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren

But no, instead Horvatits took it upon himself to contact not one, but two police agencies, the Rochester, NY Police, and the Brighton, NY Police Departments, and asked each of them to remove the tents, which are located behind Pinnacle Hill near the Rochester, Brighton border, after a Brighton, NY woman contacted Horvatits.

Rochester News 10NBC Reporter Chris Horvatits

Jennifer Hansen, who lives at 1054 Highland Avenue discovered the homeless tents which were more than 50 yards behind her property in a wooded area which lies just off Pinnacle Rd.  

Jennifer Hansen 

Homeless tents were in a wooded area behind Jennifer Hansen's 1054 Highland Avenue home.

As a result, Chris Horvatits has set off a firestorm between both police agencies, each one pointing the finger at the other, and each claiming that the homeless tents are not in their  jurisdiction.

Bottom line, instead of looking into what the City of Rochester is doing about the homeless, Chris Horvatits snitched out the homeless, and then pressured two police agencies to destroy the tents, and throw out what little belongings innocent homeless folks have.

Nice job Chris Horvatits.

You're a fucking hero.


Town of Brighton, NY employees destroy homeless tents 

Brighton, NY Town Supervisor Bill Moehle

BRIGHTON, NY POLICE (585) 784-5150

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