Saturday, April 23, 2016

Rapper Fetty Wap Disses Thousands of Fans after No-Show for Concert at SUNY Brockport, NY College

Fetty Wap holding some of the money from Brockport, NY fans he shitted on.

By Davy V.

First Fetty Wap's handlers said the rapper, whose hit single "Trap Queen" won two Grammies, couldn't make it to a scheduled show at SUNY Brockport College in Upstate, NY, Thursday night, because his bus broke down.

Then the rapper said he couldn't make it because he wasn't feeling well.

In the end, the rapper dissed more than 3,000 fans by not showing up for the concert.

Hey, at least he took to Instagram to leave a thorough explanation for his thousands of fans at the Brockport College, many of whom waited for hours to get inside.

I'm kidding about the thorough explanation by the way.

If anything, Fetty Wap seemed high as hell, beginning the video with "Hey yo, I want to apologize to all my friends in Brockport, New York."

Wap went on to mention an accident he had and said he didn't feel he could make it.

"Kids just got extremely upset over it," said Maggie Wilson, a junior at the college.

Maggie Wilson

Wilson, who said that Fetty Wap has a huge following at the college, said his Instagram apology wasn't enough.

She  explained that the students are very upset and disappointed because there was no announcement by Fetty Wap that he wasn't showing up, until just a few hours before.

After students had already been waiting for hours.

"It wasn't until three, four hours into it," said Wilson, adding, "Everybody was waiting to see him and nobody got a chance to.

Yes Maggie.

That's because Fetty Wap didn't give a shit about you or the other thousands of fans.

Wilson said that some people even drove up from Albany, NY, which is about a four hour drive, just to see Fetty Wap.

Dan Phillips

Dan Phillips who also showed up to the concert that never was, seemed to sum it up best...

"He just let everyone down," said Phillips.

"He just let everyone down and he was not communicating and it's really hard to have respect for an artist like that."

No shit Dan.

I'm old school.

I grew up on Hip Hop.


Sugar Hill Gang.

Kurtis Blow.

Public Enemy.




A Tribe Called Quest.


When rap was pure.

When rap had a message.

When artists had real talent.

And when they showed up to their concerts.

Long before rap sold out.

Not this garbage nowadays.

And it's crazy cause the same 3,000-plus fans who Fetty Wap shitted on, the same 3,000-plus fans that say they're disappointed, will be the same ones rushing to get in line IF and WHEN Fetty Wap ever decides to make it up to his fans.

I guess people have really short memories.

In the meantime, if you were one of the thousands who waited in line for Fetty's no-show, good luck getting your money back.

Fetty smoking that shit up as I'm writing this.

Fett Wap fans inside the Brockport, NY College Recreation and Events Center, waiting for the rapper who was a no-show 


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