Friday, April 29, 2016

Target Manager Tries to Prevent Me From Video Recording Security Employees Assaulting Woman


Target Manager Tries to Block my Camera as Security Employees Assault Woman

By Davy V.

Target loves using video surveillance to watch their customers' every move.

In fact, in addition to operating one of the most advanced network of surveillance cameras in their stores, Target uses a system which sends alerts whenever a shopper (YOU) dwells too long in front of merchandise.

Target is huge on video surveillsnce.

From the moment you walk into any of the more than 1,700 Target stores, you are under a "Big Brother" style surveillance.

More on that in a bit.

Target operates at least 14 investigations centers in the U.S., which include 2 forensics labs to enhance video surveillance footage, and analyze fingerprints.



Target also operates a command center in Minneapolis, and even has its own government fusion centers, which the company calls "investigations centers."

At these investigations centers, Target security experts work 24/7 using high tech surveillance tools, including satellite imagery, to monitor surveillance of Target customers.

Target loves surveillance of people so much, it recently purchased surveillance cameras for the entire City of West Palm Beach, Florida.

As one security expert put it, "Target is obsessed with video surveillance."

Which is interesting, given Target's "No Photography" policy when it comes to its customers.

Take, for example, a recent incident which I found myself in the middle of at a Target store in Henrietta, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

In a rush to get my son some things he needed for his sports practice, and trying not to get him to his practice late, I stopped at Target.

As we got to the register, my teenage son asked if he could pay for his items.

I gave him the money and began to walk towards the automatic entrance doors.

That's when I heard a woman screaming, "You're hurting me!, You're hurting me!"

And that's when I saw two male Target security employees pushing a woman into the corner of the stores' entrance vestibule, physically assaulting her, pinning her against the walls, twisting her arms, and searching her, sticking their hands under her clothes, as they yelled to her, "Give me back my items!"

Which I found interesting, since any times the woman may have stolen, don't belong to the employees.

As someone who worked in the loss prevention field, as a state certified security guard, I was disturbed to see two men, not only physically abusing a woman, but also searching her person, sticking their hands under her clothes.

I immediately took out my phone and began recording.


Target Manager Tries to Block my Camera as Security Employees Assault Woman

That's when a Target manager who would only identify himself as "John", and refused to give me his last name, got in front of me, told me that photography is not allowed in Target, and then asked me to leave.

I tried to explain to the manager that I had to wait for my son, but he clearly didn't care.

The store manager was more concerned with preventing me from video recording his security guards man handling and abusing a woman, than the fact that I couldn't and wasn't going to leave without  my son.

I will be updating this piece.












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