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Will the Real Carlos Miller Please Stand Up? Why is Photography is Not a Crime Founder Accepting Financial Support from Entrepreneur who Has Contributed to The Militarization of U.S. Police? (UPDATED)

A Drunk Carlos Miller


After pulling all advertising from Factor, a police tactical gear company owned by Bryan Griggs, who has worked for several law enforcement tactical equipment companies, shortly after I published this piece, Carlos Miller's Photography is Not a Crime (PINAC) website now seems to have significantly reduced the police tactical gear ads.

As disturbing as it is to see Carlos Miller's hypocrisy in accepting financial support from a police tactical gear entrepreneur, Carlos Miller looks even more guilty by immediately pulling the ads after I published this piece, then reducing the amount of ads.

Also, as you can see in the photo below,  Carlos Miller blocked me from his Twitter account.

What does Carlos Miller have to hide?

Read my original story below.

Shortly after publishing this piece, Carlos Miller blocked me from his Twitter account.

By Davy V.

A couple of weeks ago I took my son and my niece to a Bernie Sanders rally in Brighton, NY, a suburb of Rochester.

It takes a lot for me to get excited about any politician, but I have to admit that as I sat there in a capacity filled ice rink arena, Bernie Sanders' message spoke to me.

Bernie Sanders hit on real issues such as the need for police reform.

Sanders also hit on something which is one of the main reasons for my inability to get excited about any politician and/or election.


Sanders spoke about politicians being funded by big business, and  accepting financial contributions from corporations and special interest groups.

And there's one presidential candidate Sanders zeroed in on when it came to hypocrisy.

Hillary Clinton.

From 2001, up until Hillary Clinton announced her run for president,  Hillary and her husband former president Bill Clinton were paid a total of $153 million for a total of 729 speeches Hillary and Bill gave to corporations and special interest groups between 2001 and May of 2015.

Each speech averaged $ 210,795.

Which is exactly why I don't trust politicians.

Especially those funded by Corporate America.

A Drunk Carlos Miller at a Miami, Florida bar.

By now you're probably asking yourself how any of this has anything to do with Carlos Miller.

Well, let me explain.

In a February 26, 2016 Photography Is Not a Crime article titled, "It's Been a Good Run, but Now It's Time for a Change", Carlos Miller, who for some time now has claimed to be facing financial problems, writes about how he will most likely be forced to shut down the site soon.

"A few weeks ago, I posted a comment in our private Facebook Newsroom group informing the PINAC team that I will mostly be quitting soon because the site is not just financially sustainable," Miller writes.

Now this isn't the first time that Carlos Miller, who is an alcoholic, has ranted what almost appears to be a threat to his loyal followers, in essence almost strong arming them, by telling them that unless they support him financially, he will close down shop.

Which to be honest, is kind of sick.


Miller has done this many times.

And sadly, it works.

Miller's naive and all too trusting followers and supporters continue to send him financial donations, not realizing that Miller is playing them.

Sadly, Miller's supporters don't realize that in addition to his profitable PINAC clothing line, Carlos Miller also receives thousands of dollars from advertisers every month.

They also don't realize that Carlos Miller's overhead is actually low.

Miller doesn't pay his "writers", like he has claimed before in his various drunken fits where he cries to his followers for cash donations.

Carlos Miller has managed to assemble a group of writers who write for gratis.


For free.

Carlos Miller's supporters skso don't realize that he lives very comfortably, in a lavish condo in Miami which he paid $200,000 for in cash, which he obtained by selling a home his father left for him in his estate.

And sadly, Carlos Miller's supporters also don't realize that the same individual who is duping them, is a hypocrite.


By accepting money from a company owned by a man who has contributed to the militiraztion of law enforcement.

The same militiraztion which Carlos Miller writes about and has claimed to denounce on his PINAC site.

Factor Equipment logo

Enter Factor Equipment.

Carlos Miller's newest advertiser.

Factor Equipment, based out of  Fayeteville, Arkansas,  is a new tactical gear company, owned by Bryan Griggs.

511 Police Tactical Gear Company Ad on Photography is Not a Crime Site


PINAC Ad for Factor Tactical Gear

Bryan Griggs, CEO Factor Police Tactical Gear

Bryan Griggs is a police tactical gear specialist.

Before starting Factor Tactical Gear Equipment, Griggs worked for several police tactical gear companies, including Propper, where Bryan Griggs was president of international sales.

Propper Police Tactical Gear logo

During his time with Propper, Griggs marketed military grade equipment to police and law enforcement agencies, thus, contributing to the militarization of police agencies.

Bryan Griggs also worked for 511 Tactical, another company which outfits police agencies with tactical gear.

511 Tactical is the maker of Hard Times knuckle gloves, which are used by many police departments, and in fact have become the alternative to the controversial "Sap" gloves, which have lead shot packed into each knuckle, and are banned in a few states including California, because of the serious injuries they can cause, much like brass knuckles.

As President of International Sales fur Propper, Bryan Griggz Marketed the Hard Time Knuckle Gloves to Police Agencies  

As President of International Sales fur Propper, Bryan Griggz Marketed the Hard Time Knuckle Gloves to Police Agencies 

While at 511 Tactical, Bryan Griggs pushed the Hard Times knuckle gloves, marketing them to police departments for their "heavy duty knuckle armor."

Bryan Griggs also worked for Iron Clad Performance, where he served as Executive Vice President of sales and marketing.

Iron Clad Performance Wear, used to sell the lead knuckle Sap gloves.

SAP Lead Filled Police Tactical Gloves

On one hand Carlos Miller claims to be against police misconduct and corruption, as well as the militirazation of police in the U.S.

However, Carlos Miller accepts advertising money from Bryan Griggs, an individual who has made millions outfitting police agencies with tactical gear, some of which is illegal in certain states, and who has contributed to the battle hardened mentality that has changed the Anerican blue uniformed police officer, to a military soldier on the battlefield.

That 'battlefield' being America's inner city neighborhoods.


All you have to do is take a look at the photo below.

It's a screenshot of a Propper Police Tactical Gear advertisement, taken from Propper's Facebook page.

The advertisement was the work of Bryan Griggs while he was  president of international sales for Propper.

The writing on the advertising says it all, as it captures the disturbing mentality of our militarized police forces, which reads; "OWN THE STREETS"

Propper Police Tactical Gear Advertisement

So like Eminem said, I'm asking Carlos Miller this.

Will the real Carlos Miller please stand up?

Because you can't claim to be against police misconduct, corruption, and rogue, out of control, militarized cops, but at the same time, accept financial support and backing, from individuals like Bryan Griggs, who has made huge profits and a very comfortable living from outfitting cops with tactical gear and as a result, aiding them in their militarization.

Much like Hillary Clinton, who has accepted millions of dollars from the very same corporations and special interest groups which she pretends to denounce,  Carlos Miller is a two-faced hypocrite who is being funded by the very same individuals he claims to denounce.




A Drunk Carlos Miller

Carlos Miller


Shortly after the publishing of this piece, Carlos Miller blocked me from his Twitter account.

What does Carlos Miller have to hide?

Shortly after publishing this piece, Carlos Miller blocked me from his Twitter account.

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