Sunday, May 8, 2016

Video Shows Increasing Tension Between Rochester, NY Police officers and Black Community, as RPD Cop Yells at Young Black Female; "Get Away From Me!"

Rochester, NY Police officer Twists Young Black Females's Arms

By Davy V.

On May 16, 2009, I was hit by a car at the intersection of South and Highland Avenues during Rochester, NY's annual Lilac Festival.

The driver, a young Rochester Institute of Technology college student, claims not to have seen me crossing the intersection.

I flew about 40 feet, and even though my head broke the car's windshield and I suffered a badly fractured leg, dislocated thumb, and multiple contusions, I still managed to get up immediately after I landed on the ground.

I guess we Cubans are built tough.

But I'll never forget walking towards a couple of Rochester, NY Police officers who were actually standing at the corner ehich I tried to cross, but failed to cross me.

And I'll never forget what one of the RPD officers told me, as I hobbled, wearing only one sneaker, and bleeding profusely from my head.

"Dude get away from me, you're bleeding all over the place!"

Fast forward almost exactly 7 years to the date, Saturday May 7, 2016, and a video posted on Facebook features a similar comment from a white Rochester, NY Police officer directed towards a black female, in the same exact intersection where I got hit by that car in 2009.

The video, which was filmed by Marky Hutt, who had gone to the Lilac Festival with his friend, shows a young black female, handcuffed, while a second young black female is standing near her.

A Rochester Police officer who is behind the handcuffed female can be seen and heard yelling at a black youth who is standing nearby, "Get away fron me, get back, or I'm gonna get you back!"

The young black female in handcuffs can be heard telling a second young black female to call her mom.

That female is then seen throwing up on the street.

As the handcuffed black female is being led away towards an RPD cruiser, the second female follows, and the Rochester Police officer yells at her "Get away from me!"

A second Rochester Police officer then pushes the young black female into an RPD cruiser, twists her arms behind her back, and arrests her.

The video serves as yet another example of both the level of unprofessionalism which exists within the Rochester, NY Police Department, as well as the increasing tension between white Rochester, NY cops and Rochester's minority communities.

Watch the video by clicking the link after the photos below if you want a good laugh, look out for the Rochester, NY cop at the end of the video who comes racing to the scene on his mountain bike and comes to a Starsky & Hutch skid!

Fucking keystone cops.

Note: Starsky & Hutch was a 1970's cop tv show for you younger readers








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