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With a Child Poverty Rate of 42 Percent, Rochester, NY is Ranked as One of Poorest Cities in U.S., So Why are Taxpayers Paying for Mayor Lovely Warren's Personal Bodyguard and Chauffeur?


Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren

By Davy V.

If you're from Rochester, NY, chances are you're familiar with Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren's train wreck since taking office as Rochester's second black Mayor, and first woman Mayor in the city's history.

And if you're familiar with that train wreck, then you'll probably remember these two words.

Uncle Reggie.

As in Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's Uncle, Reggie Hill.

But for those of you not familiar with Uncle Reggie, let me break it down for you.

It was January of 2014, and Lovely Warren had just taken office, when she unilaterally decided that she needed a personal armed security detail.

And chauffeur.

Because, every other Mayor in Rochester, NY history has driven himself  around, but well, Lovely Warren feels she's special.

So Lovely Warren decided that she'd hire her uncle.

Reggie Hill.

Lovely Warren said that there was no one more qualified for the job of guarding her and driving her around, than her Uncle Reggie Hill, a retired New York State Police investigator.

And just like that, Mayor Lovely Warren decided that Rochester, NY taxpayers would pay her Uncle Reggie, $80,186.00 per year.

Never mind that Rochester, NY is ranked as one of the poorest cities in the country, with a child poverty rate of 42 percent, which is more than double the U.S. national average.


Lovely Warren didn't care.

She was having her Uncle Reggie.

After all, the taxpayers would pay.

Not her.

But that wasn't all.


Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren decided she wanted two armed personal security guards.

So she hired Caesar Carbonell, and once again, Rochester, NY taxpayers were on the hook.

This time for $61,128.00.

In total, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's unilateral decision to have not one, but two personal armed bodyguards and chauffeurs, which Rochester taxpayers would pay for.

To the tune of $141,314.00.


As Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren was under fire with claims of nepotism stemming from her having hired her uncle, came the reports that Lovely Warren's black Chevy Tahoe SUV had been stopped by New York State Police for speeding.

At the wheel?

None other than Uncle Reggie.

In the back of the SUV?

Lovely Warren.

Uncle Reggie was pulled over by a New York State Trooper on January 8, 2014 as he was driving Mayor Lovely Watren to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address in Albany, NY.

The New York State trooper clocked Uncle Reggie driving at 97 miles per hour on the thruway.

Of course, in Good Ol' Boys Club fashion, the New York State trooper didn't ticket Uncle Reggie.

The trooper wasn't gonna ticket a retired cop.

Later, during a press conference, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren was asked if her SUV had been pulled over on the way to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State address in Albany, NY.

Lovely Warren replied that they were stopped by New York State Police on the way back from Albany.

Lovely Warren lied.

The truth was Lovely Warren's SUV was pulled over twice by New York State Police.

Once on the way to Albany, and a second time on the way back to Rochester.

And of course, New York State Police extended blue line courtesies both tones, refusing to ticket Uncle Reggie.

Under mounting pressure, and having been busted in a lie, Lovely Warren had her uncle Reggie Hill release a statement, where he apologized for his judgement, but then immediately tried to justify his reckless driving by blaming his career as a former New York State Police investigator.

Reggie Hill blamed his speeding in excess of 90 miles per hour, putting innocent lives at risk, saying that as part of his career with the New York State Police, which included working security for three New York State Governors, it was common practice to drive at high speeds.

In his letter, Uncle Reggie also admitted that his reckless driving and disregard for motor vehicle traffic laws, also included a $50 fine he received for disobeying a "NO TURN ON RED" sign.

So what ever became of Uncle Reggie, and Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's personal armed security/chauffeur detail?

Well, with increasing criticism and pressure, Uncle Reggie resigned, and went to work for RTS.

That's Rochester's public transit system.

So what happened to Lovely Warren's personal security and chauffeur detail?

Well, let's just say that Mayor Lovely Warren laid low for a while, as any smart and slick politician would do.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren knew Rochester's news media would eventually move on to other things, and forget about the whole Uncle Reggie debacle as well as her security/chauffeur detail.

And she was right.

Rochester's mainstream news media did move on, and forgot about everything.

But I didn't.

Over the past couple of months I've been contacted by several folks, including some City of Rochester insiders who lets just say were left with a very bad taste after the whole Lovely Warren/Uncle Reggie scandal.

These folks, who are obviously not fans of Lovely Warren, informed me that Mayor Warren continues to have her very own personal armed security and chauffeur detail.

In fact, as one source who is very close to the Warren administration told me, "She not only continues to have her personal security detail, but she's still driven around in the notorious black Chevy Tahoe."

Fast forward to today, Wednesday, May 11, 2016.

As I was looking for parking in downtown Rochester, I notice a black SUV driving at a high rate of speed near Rochester City Hall.

It's then that I realize that the SUV is the notorious black Chevy Tahoe.

Check out the video below which I captured on my DavyVTV DASHCAM.

It shows Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren being escorted to the SUV by her personal armed bodyguard and chauffeur.


Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren is escorted to her taxpayer funded SUV

Who the fuck does Lovely Warren think she is?


Pay close attention and you'll see that the Uncle Reggie-style reckless driving continues to this day.

Watch how Mayor Warren's SUV fails to come to a complete stop at a 4-way stop intersection, something me or you would be ticketed for.

Also notice Lovely Warren's bodyguard's reckless driving as he fails to yield to a vehicle, nearly hitting the motorist.

Lovely Warren's SUV then speeds off and fails to signal a right turn.

Call it business as usual when it comes to Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren.

Lovely Warren is a hypocrite.

In May of 2015, this is what she said while unveiling the city's annual budget.

"Many of our city’s families have been struggling to make ends meet and face ever-increasing costs. I have worked very hard to make Rochester’s city government live within its means so we can keep from adding more to our citizens’ often difficult financial burden.”


Mayor Warren, can you explain to Rochester, NY taxpayers, to those same exact folks who's out you yourself  admit are struggling to make ends meet, how you can justify having a personal armed bodyguard and chauffeur, and how you justify being driven around in an 8-cylinder gas guzzling SUV, all at taxpayers expense?

There you have it Rochester, NY.

Your taxpayer dollars at work.



Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren is escorted to her taxpayer funded SUV



Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's taxpayer funded bodyguard 



Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's taxpayer funded SUV


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