Thursday, November 10, 2016

Gay Pride Flags Burned Down in Rochester, NY on Election Night


By Davy V.

It was election night in Rochester, NY, and Greg Ventura had gone out to dinner.

Upon returning to his home in Rochester's Neighborhood of The Arts, Greg discovered someone had trespassed onto his property, and burned his gay pride flag, which he had hanging from his porch.

According to Ventura, at first he didn't really see the serious significance behind the act.

But after calling Rochester Police to report the incident, that's changed.

"When I first discovered the flag it just upset me," Ventura said.

"When RPD (Rochester Police) arrived, they begin using the words "hate crime", that made me open my eyes and realize this was a targeted attack, and there was a lot of hatred behind it."

"They were trying to send a message, and it put a lot of fear into me."

Asked how he felt about someone burning down his flag, Ventura, who had just recently put the flag up to celebrate being openly gay, said he's saddened and disappointed.

"Disappointed in my community," Ventura said.

"I've had that flag out strictly to promote love, equality, and acceptance.

"It is surprising that someone in my community, that had to be within this neighborhood, would be so opposed to who I am as a person that they would be willing to enter my property, and burn my personal property."

BELOW: What Remains of Greg Ventura's 
Gay Pride Flag



Ventura says he's not sure if the flag being burned down on election night, of all nights, was some sort of political statement, but I assure, the fact that of all nights, this disgusting incident occurred on election night, is no coincidence.

Rochester, NY Police confirmed that a second gay pride flag was burned down on election night, on Marion Street in Rochester.

As I wrote in my November 9th piece, which I have posted the link below, under Donald Trump's presidency, we can expect more and more hate crimes targeting those in the LGBT community as well as minorities.


Greg Ventura


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