Thursday, November 10, 2016

California Photojournalist and Outspoken Police Critic J.C. Playford Goes on Pro-Trump Facebook Rant, Supporting Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Calls Hillary Clinton a "Bitch"


J.C. Playford


J.C. Playford supporters are not liking the fact that I exposed him and his disturbing, twisted comments including calling for peaceful protesters to be run over and killed.

Take, for example, Gabriel Quijas, who posted the comment below in response to my link to my piece about Playford.

Quijas writes:

"I have sent my NYPD friends your info. Let's see how much work you get done filming NYPD doing their jobs under Trump."

Read Quijas' entire post below.



Gabriel Quijas


Since my piece (below) about California photojournalist and self-proclaimed police accountability activist J.C. Playford supporting Donald Trump's racist hate rhetoric, including Playford calling for Trump to appoint former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio as Homeland Security Chief to take Mexicans back in "cattle cars", Playford's hate-filled rant on social media has intensified.

In a post he posted to his Facebook page Wednesday evening, Playford calls for motorists in California to run over anti-Trump protesters.

In the post Playford writes:

"Trump protesters blocking San Diego trolley. Run them over"


J.C. Playford Calls for Protesters to be Killed


Read my original piece below.

By Davy V.

Those of you who are familiar with my work, know that if there's one thing I enjoy more than exposing rogue, dirty cops, it's exposing fake, so-called "activists", especially those who claim to denounce police and official misconduct.

Take, for example, California-based photojournalist and self-proclaimed police accountability activist, James Charles Playford, better known as "J.C. Playford."

On Wednesday, Playford posted an interesting post on his Facebook page, in which he not only supported Donald Trump, but also called Hillary Clinton a "Bitch", and as calling for Trump to put former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in charge of immigration.

In his post, which I've posted below, Playford suggested that illegal Mexican immigrants should be placed in "cattle cars."

Here's the full text of J.C. Playford'spost 

"Let's Hope He Goes To Work fast, Arrest The Head Of The FBI, DNC, KILLARY, for starters, throw in Obamacare, tell the UN to duckoff, and NATO good bye. Fine PUNSTRIPES for the NY thieving murderous bitch. Offer up cattle train for Celebs and others, moving to Canada. Get started on the rebuild of the Supreme Court,  Open up office space at the Whitehouse to the NRA, and we have a start, in fixing g this country, bring put Sheriff Joe Apia in charge of immigration issues,  with cattle cars heading south,  reinstall a USBP force on our Borders, and tell Mexico it's time to build a wall."


J.C. Playford's Facebook Post

In another post, (BELOW) Playford wrote:

"Trump is the best we have for now. America has spoken, it is now time to stand behind our President."


And in the screenshot below, JC Playford wrote: "Joe for Homeland Security Chief" on a video of Joe Arpaio which he posted to Facebook.


Now let me make something clear.

J.C. Playford has a right to free speech.

And although as a Latino, I don't agree with his posts, I support his right to post them.

However, what I find disturbing is that for years, J.C. Playford, has professed himself as a critic of police misconduct.

In fact, J.C. Playford's YouTube channel is full of videos of him advocating for the right to record, in various encounters with overzealous cops.

And lately, J.C. Playford, who is good friends with Carlos Miller of Photography Is Not A Crime, or PINAC, has been posting several daily Facebook live videos, where again, he is seen challenging law enforcement officers, and being very critical and outspoken against police.

J.C. Playford recently covered the protests in El Cajon, California, where he can be heard yelling at police officers and calling them "Pigs."

Which is precisely why I find it not only disturbing, but also extremely hypocritical for a man who prides himself as being an advocate against police misconduct and abuse of power, to post his support of President-Elect Donald Trump, a man who has not only shown just how pro-police and Good Ol' Boys Club, Thin Blue Line he is, after all, Donald Trump said he supports stop and frisk by police, but also just how divisive and hurtful his presidential campaign rhetoric has been, including comments by Trump where he in essence bragged about sexually assaulting women, and mocked the disabled.

In his post, J.C. Playford also refers to Hillary Clinton, as a "bitch."

Don't get me wrong, I can't stand Hillary Clinton, but you don't see me calling her a degrading name which is no different than, and just as hurtful as, calling a Latino a "Spic", or a Black person, a "Nigger."

And that's why I find J.C. Playford's post very disturbing.

Especially his support of President-Elect Trump, a man who has not only hurt this country so much already, and he hasn't even been sworn in yet, but also a man who has the full support of KKK Leader David Duke.

As a Latino, and a second generation police accountability activist, whose father was a pioneer in cop watching, I find the fact that J.C. Playford not only supports Donald Trump, but also supports former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a racist who openly condoned and encouraged his officers to racially profiled hispanics, disgusting.


Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

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