Saturday, November 5, 2016

Greece, NY Cop Who Executed Suicidal Man, Honored at NFL Game by Thin Blue Line Police Fraternity


Killer Cop.

Greece, NY Police officer Eric Hughes

By Davy V.

In another example of just how strong the Good Ol' Boys Club Blue Wall and Thin Blue Line is, a Greece, NY cop who executed suicidal despondent man in a mall parking lot last year, was honored for his service before the start of an NFL game Sunday, by none other than a police fraternity.

Imagine calling police for help in locating a loved one who is suicidal, only to have police find them, and then shoot and kill them.

That's exactly what happened in June of 2015, when the family of 23-year old Joseph Ladd called 911 for help, after they learned that their loved one was suicidal and had just taken a large amount of Xanax.

A short time later, Greece, NY Police officer Eric Hughes found Ladd sitting in the passenger seat of a gray Toyota Camry in the parking lot of The Mall at Greece Ridge Center, just outside Rochester.

Ladd's girlfriend was in the driver's seat.

According to Greece, NY Police Chief Patrick Phelan when officer Hughes approached the car, Ladd reached over and pressed the gas pedal.

Chief Phelan then claimed that officer Hughes was dragged by the car.

According to Phelan, that's when Hughes shot Ladd twice in chest, killing the young man instantly,

"Something occurred, and the suspect was shot dead by one of our officers."

That was the cold, vague comment that Greece, NY Police Chief Patrick Phelan gave Rochester area news media as Joseph Ladd's body laid slumped inside the Toyota Camry.

Interestingly, despite the fact that Greece, NY Police officers wore body cams at the time of Ladd's killing, and specifically, officer Eric Hughes always wore a body cam, in fact as you can see in the photo above, officer Hughes is wearing a body cam, Chief Phelan claimed Hughes was not wearing a body cam when he shot and killed Ladd.

How convenient.

Not surprisingly, a grand jury cleared Greece, NY Police Eric Hughes of any wrongdoing.

Sunday afternoon, in Buffalo, NY, before the start of the Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots game at the newly named New Era Field, Greece, NY Police officer Eric Hughes was honored for his service, by the Badge of Honor Association, a cop group who pride themselves on providing support for families of cops killed in the line of duty.


Greece, NY Police officer Eric Hughes during Buffalo Bills game.

The Buffalo Bills reached out to the Badge of Honor Association asking them to select a police officer to honor at the game.

The Badge of Honor Assiciation chose a killer.

Eric Hughes.

I understand The Badge of Honor Association provides support to the families of slain cops.

But here's my thing.

Who provided support for Joseph Ladd's family, after their son, brother, cousin, nephew, and grandson was executed by a trigger-happy cop?


Greece, NY Police officer Eric Hughes 

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