Thursday, December 8, 2016

When Helping the Homeless Goes Wrong


Washington, DC Homeless Woman Attacks My Family with Food We Gave Her 

By Davy V.

I've always teached my children to be thankful and appreciative for what they have, and to always think of the less fortunate.

It's how I've raised them.

Which is why a few days ago, as we were traveling down south, and decided to make a stop in Washington, DC, I wasn't surprised when my niece told me that we should stop and give some food to a couple of homeless persons laying on the cold sidewalk just a stones throw away from the Washington Monument.

Little did we know, that a homeless woman would attack us with the food we gave her, while calling my children "bastards."

Check out the video below, as the woman comes after us, hitting me with the food we gave her,  and then a Washington, DC cop rolls up and accuses us of harassing the homeless.

Makes you think twice about doing a good deed.





Washington, DC U.S. Park Police Officer Green Badge # 659

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