Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Rochester, NY Mayoral Candidate James Sheppard's Wife's Coworkers Say Former Police Chief Beat Wife, Broke Her Jaw


Former Rochester, NY Police Chief and Rochester Mayoral Candidate James Sheppard

By Davy V.

According to former coworkers of Monroe County, NY Legislator and Rochester, NY Mayoral Candidate James Sheppard's wife, the former Rochester, NY Police Chief once beat his wife, punching her so hard in her face, that he broke her jaw.

The incident occurred in the late 90's, after James Sheppard's wife returned home from having gone to a happy hour with her coworkers.

That's when an irate James Sheppard, who was waiting inside the family home, attacked his wife, punching her in the face.

While one former coworker who still works for the bank where Sheppard's wife used to work, didn't want to talk about the incident, another coworker did, on the condition that I keep their identity anonymous.

"She would tell me that he was very abusive," the coworker told The Davy V. Blog.

"She would also tell me there wasn't much she could do. While I don't remember all the details, I can tell you that he (Sheppard) did hit her," the coworker said.

"We had all gone out to a happy hour, just a few coworkers, and he didn't like it, he was very controlling."

"When she came home, I mean immediately as she walked in the house, he punched her, and he broke her jaw," the coworker said.

"She told me he was furious that she had gone out with her coworkers, and he told her that he didn't want her with city women because she was from the country and he didn't want her associating with what he called city women."

Not only is it disturbing that James Sheppard beat his wife, but according to the coworker, what happened next is disgusting, as it shows the power of the thin blue line.

"So what happened is that she did call the police, and a white shirt, that's what she called the Rochester Police Lieutenant who responded, convinced her not to press charges."

"The Lieutenant basically told her that her husband would lose his job if convicted and he called it a misunderstanding."

Like I always say, cops protect cops.

It's the thin blue line and the code of silence that comes with the brotherhood.


The coworker told The Davy V. Blog that Sheppard's wife never talked about the incident again.

"After that she didn't return to work for a while, and when she did she never talked about it again and she never went out with us."

The coworker also says it explains why James Sheppard never introduced his wife when he announced his mayoral candidacy.

"It didn't surprise me when James Sheppard didn't introduce her, let alone even acknowledge his wife when he announced he was running for Mayor."

"She seems afraid of him", the coworker said, adding, "Look, I could care less who anyone wants to support in politics, but I just feel like he should come clean about this."

"The voters have a right to know."

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