Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lock Rochester, NY City Court Judge Leticia Astacio Up, and if Her Attorney Ed Fiandach is Aiding and Abetting a Fugitive, Lock his Ass Up Too


Rochester, NY City Court Judge Leticia Astacio's DWI Mugshot

By Davy V.

I swear my hometown of Rochester, NY has got to be one of the most corrupt cities in America.

From the Rochester, NY Police Department and its long history of abusing and violating innocent citizens' civil rights, in some cases even executing mentally-ill people, and innocent family pets, to corrupt officials and politicians, including former Rochester, NY Police Chief and Monroe County, NY Legislator James Sheppard, a wife beater who is running for Rochester Mayor.

Yep, Rochester has had some pieces of work, that's for sure.

Which is why I wasn't the least bit surprised to hear that an arrest warrant has been issued for Rochester, NY City Court Judge Leticia Astacio.

For those of you not familiar with Astacio, I'll break it down real quick.

She's the judge who was arrested and charged with DWI after New York State Troopers found her smashed up car facing the wrong way on Interstate 490 with an incoherent Judge Astacio behind the wheel, and absolutely no fucking clue where she was.

Or what happened.

Believe it or not, Rochester City Court Judge Astacio was actually heading to work.

That's right.

Drunk out of her mind, and completely shitfaced, Judge Astacio was driving to court to preside over Saturday morning arraignments.


That's the hypocrisy and corruption in my hometown of the ROC.

A drunk judge earning more than $170,000 a year in taxpayer money, driving to court to arraign people accused of DWI themselves.

Judge Astacio's story gets a little confusing, so try to keep up.

She was convicted of DWI, and as part of her sentencing, which included probation as well as
being prohibited from hearing cases, while the New York State Judicial Commission "investigates" and "decides" whether or not to remove Judge Astacio from the bench, an ignition interlock device was placed on her vehicle.

There have been several incidents in which someone other than Judge Astacio has blown into the interlock ignition device in order to start her car.

In other words, Judge Astacio was drunk and needed someone else to blow into the device in order to start her car so she could drive.

Judge Astacio's own daughter was one of those people who was photographed blowing into the device.


Rochester, NY City Court Judge Leticia Astacio's Daughter Blows into Ignition Interlock Device

Then came the photos.

Just a few weeks after her DWI conviction, photos of Judge Astacio posted on Facebook showed her at a drinking party next to bottles of liquor and holding a red solo cup.

Judge Astacio later said it was water.

Of course.





Then came the incident at Papaya restaurant in Marketplace Mall in Henrietta, NY, where a security guard encountered a drunk Leticia Astacio inside an employee bathroom, refusing to leave.

Despite a lengthy hearing to decide if Rochester City Judge Leticia Astacio violated the terms of her probation, Judge Stephen Aronson gave her a break.

Of course.

And now, Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio is at it again.

On April 29th, Judge Leticia Astacio's IID recorded a reading of .061.

Five minutes later, a relative of Judge Astacio blew into the device in order to start her car.

The .061 BAC reading, which is nearly 8 times the legal limit in New York State, prompted Judge Aronson to issue an arrest warrant for Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio.

But there's  one small problem.

According to Judge Astacio's hired gun, attorney Ed Fiandach claims that Judge Astacio sent him a text telling him that she is in Thailand "In the mountains with monks."


Rochester, NY City Court Judge Leticia Astacio's Attorney Ed Fiandach

By the way, did I mention that Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio is still receiving her more than $170,000 a year salary paid by taxpayers?

Disgusting, I know.

I just have one question.

What cell phone carrier does Rochester City Court Judge Leticia Astacio use?

Cause that's one hell of a strong signal if she can text her lawyer while she's up in the mountains on a retreat with monks.

I call bullshit.

Enough with the games and the special treatment just because she's a judge.

Anyone else would have already been in jail.

Lock her fucking ass up.

And if her attorney Ed Fiandach is found to be aiding and abetting a fugitive, lock his fucking ass up too.