Thursday, October 5, 2017

Canandaigua, NY Police Public Information Officer Sgt. Scott Kadien Identified as Cop Who Shot and Killed Fellow Law Enforcement Officer

Canandaigua, NY Police Sgt. Scott Kadien


In a Friday morning press conference, New York State Police announced that their investigation into the shooting death of Sandy Guardiola, a NYS Parole Officer, by Canandaigua, NY Police Sgt. Scott Kadien, was justified.

New York State Police also says that Sgt. Kadien shot Guardiola a total of three times, including in the chest, arm, and one shot which when in her ear and out the back of her head.

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Two weeks after one of their officers shot and killed a felllow law enforcement officer inside de her apartment, the Canandaigua, NY Police Department has identified that officer as Sgt. Scott Kadien, a 15-year veteran, and the department’s public information officer, or PIO.

According to Canandaigua, NY Police Chief Stephen Hedworth, Sgt. Kadien shot 41-year old Sandy Guardiola, a New York State Parole Officer, after she fired a shot at Sgt. Kadien.

The investigation is ongoing and Sgt. Kadien has been placed on administrative duties.


In a news conference Thursday afternoon, police claimed that a 15-year veteran of the Canandaigua, NY Police Department responddd to a call to check the welfare of a person at Pinnacle North Apartments.

Police said that one of Guardiola’s co-workers had called police, concerned about her well being.

According to police, the Canandaigua Police Officer shor and killed 41-year old Sandra Guardiola, a parole officer with the New York State Department of Corrections.

Officials refused to say why the Canandaigua Police Officer shot Guardiola.

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Sandy Guardiola

By Davy V.

A New York State Corrections Department Parole Officer was shot and killed Wednesday afternoon by a Canandaigua, NY Police Officer, and police are being tight lipped, refusing to release details.

The shooting occurred Wednesday shortly after 4 pm when Canandaigua police responded to a call at the Pinnacle North apartments on North Shore Blvd. in Canandaigua.

Canandaigua is approximately 30 miles southeast of Rochester, NY.

According to the New York State Corrections Department, an off duty parole officer was shot and killed by a Canandaigua Police Officer.

Residents of the Pinnacle North Apartments, a new Housing development are in shock.

I didn't hear anything, just went outside and saw all the commotion, cop cars and squad cars and ambulances so it freaked me ou,” said Scott Becker, a Pinnacle North resident, adding, “Considering that happened at such a new apartment and I'm just trying to figure out how to process this whole thing myself.”

Canandaigua, NY City Police Chief Stephen Hedworth refused to go into detail about the killing of the NYS Parole Officer.

Hedworth would only say that police were called to Pinnacle North at 4:13 pm, but refused to release details.

“I’m not going to get into the details of anything as to the shooting itself and the nature of the complaint,” Chief Hedworth said.

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