Monday, November 20, 2017

Facebook Video Shows Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren Campaign Staffer Getting Kicked Out of Bar, After Group Threatens Employees, Break Glasses

Rashad J. Smith-Cooper with Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren

By The Davy V. Blog

A video posted on Facebook, which has received several thousand views shows a Rochester, NY community organizer and campaign staffer to Mayor Lovely Warren, being kicked out of a Rochester, NY bar after family members threaten employees and break glasses.

The video, which can be seen below, posted on social media by Rashad J. Smith-Cooper, a Rochester area public relations publicist, shows several employees asking Smith, as well as his friends and family members to leave the Merchants Grill bar, located at 881 Merchants Rd., on Saturday, after several of Smith-Cooper’s group threaten employees, break glasses, and at one point in the video Smith-Cooper is seen pushing a man believed to be the establishment’s owner.

In the video, Smith-Cooper can be heard repeatedly asking who can give his business card to, as he tells employees that “I’ll be back”, and “Y’all don’t know who you’re messing with.”

Also in the video, an employee can be heard saying she was threatened and told to meet the group in the parking lot.

In a Facebook post, Smith-Cooper writes that Merchants Grill employees asked him and his family to leave after accusing them of bringing their own alcohol into the bar.

Smith-Cooper also accuses employers of being racist, ending his Facebook post with: “They’ve discriminated against the wrong NEGROES!”

At the end of the video, Smith-Cooper is heard saying “This ain’t over” before a woman is heard saying “That’s why I broke their fucking glasses.”

Rashad Smith-Cooper’s Facebook post.

Rashad J. Smith-Coooper with Rochester, NY City Council President Loretta Scott


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