Friday, January 12, 2018

Brighton, NY School Superintendent Bans Me From Attending My Son’s Sports Games For Standing Up to Bullying after Dirty Hit on My Son

By Davy V.

Youth sports stop being fun the moment  some players play dirty and referees ignore such behavior by looking the other way.

That’s pretty much what happened Thursday night at my son’s basketball game in Brighton, NY.

Throughout the game, where the Brighton Junior Barons faced off against the West Irondequoit Eagles, several of the Eagles players participated in dirty plays.

And the referees ignored all of them, except for one.

In that incident a West Irondequoit Eagles player intentionally tripped my son.

But again, that’s the only call the refs called on Irondequoit.

Through the whole game, parents on the Brighton Jr. Barons side were disgusted not only with the dirty hits and plays, but perhaps as equally if not more disturbing, with how the referees completely ignored them.

Then, at the end of the game, a West Irondequoit player ran full speed at my son, tackling him to the ground.

Of course, once again, the referee completely ignored it.

Like it never even happened.

I walked over to my son who was injured in the play, and as a result couldn’t attend school Friday, and then I spoke with the referees and the coaches, who clearly gave two shits about anything I had to say or the fact that my son was hurt.

Then I was rushed by several unidentified individuals, including parents from the other team, an angry mob, yelling at me to leave the building.

A public school.

The school my son attends.

It all happened so fast that I didn’t even have time to record the way I was treated.

After I was rushed by parents, words were exchanged.

Some I’m not proud of.

But I was upset.

Wouldn’t you be?

Wouldn’t you be if you saw what in essence can best be described as bullying on the basketball court, and your child is injured because of irresponsible adults (referees) whose job is to prevent rogue unsportsmanlike conduct?

Shortly after, one of my son’s teammates mother texted me to express how upset her son was at seeing how I was treated.

Then, Friday afternoon, in a very clearly biased letter, showing no interest in hearing my side of the story, and obviously having already formulated an opinion, and conclusion, Brighton, NY Schools Superintendent Kevin McGowan banned me from attending my son’s sports games.

As well as from coming to the school.

A public school.

The school my child attends.

All because I stood up to bullying.

On the basketball court.

Thus isn’t the first incident in which I have felt that me and my family have been targeted by Brighton, NY Central School District officials as well as Town of Brighton, NY officials, for what I feel is my very outspoken, passionate and at times abrasive community activism.

I will updating this piece.

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