Monday, March 12, 2018

Rochester, NY City School District, RPD Have Blood on Their Hands; Woman Says She Called 911 to Report Missing Autistic Child Near Water and Rochester Police Were “Dismissive”

Travyon Rowe


With her police chief beside her, Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren told the Rochester community that adult failure led to the death of Trevyon Rowe, the missing autistic child whose body was pulled from the Genesee river Sunday afternoon.

Warren said that her 911 Communications center failed to follow policy after receiving several calls Thursday morning from concerned citizens who all said they saw a youth on the other side of Rochester’s Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony bridge near downtown Rochester.

That young man was Trevyon Rowe.

Rochester Police with assistance from the Monroe County, NY Sheriff’s Office pulled Trevyon’s body from the Genesee river directly below the exact same location that those who called 911 said he was standing around 8 a.m. Thursday, about 30 minutes after he arrived at his school.

Mayor Warren said that the city’s 911 center dispatchers failed to dispatch the Rochester, NY Fire Department.

At least six City of Rochester, NY 911 operators have been suspended.

Afterwards, Rochester, NY City School District Superintendent Barbara Deane Williams along with RCSD School Board President Van White admitted that the RCSD failed Trevyon Rowe.

Williams says that despite Trevyon having never entered the school, several teachers and school officials marked him present.

Williams also said that in an attempt to coverup their actions, the same teachers and school officials then tried to falsify school records.

I was at that press conference.

Click the link below to watch my video where I call for Williams to resign,

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I will be updating this piece.

By Davy V.

On Thursday March 8, 2018, 14-year old Trevyan Rowe’s school bus pulled up in front of #12 School
on South Avenue.

As he had done every other day, Trevyan got off the bus, but he never made it inside the school.

That’s about all that is known about Trevyan, who is autistic.

That, and a couple of surveillance photos which Rochester, NY Police released that show Trevyan standing near a dumpster by the school.

Yesterday around 5:40 p.m., members of the Rochester, NY Police Department along with Monroe County, NY Sheriff’s deputies, found Trevyan’s body in the Genesee River near downtown Rochester, and just a few feet away from where several concerned citizens called 911 to report what they say was a young man, dangerously close to the river’s edge near the Fredrick Douglass/Susan B. Anthony bridge.

The calls were placed Thursday morning, not long after Travyan arrived at #12 School on South Avenue, and never made it into the school.

According to the Rochester, NY Police Department, Travyan became upset after he lost his phone on his school bus, then walked away, never entering the school.

But that’s another matter altogether which I will address on another update to this piece.

Especially the role that the Rochester City School District (RCSD) played in the disappearance and death of this special needs child.

After all, according to Travyan’s family, including his mother, the RCSD never notified them that Travyon wasn’t in school.

It wasn’t until hours later, that they learned he was missing.

Simply put, the word “negligence” falls short in describing the RCSD’s role in Travyan’s death.

But let’s get back to those 911 calls Thursday morning, where several people called 911 to report a youth near the river’s edge.

One of those callers was a woman named Kimberly Abramow.

Abramow’s post is disturbing as she contacted Rochester, NY Police and describes them as being “dismissive.”

She also mentions that she contacted Rochester’s ABC affiliate, 13WHAM News and that they too weren’t interested.

A reader of The Davy V. Blog sent me a screenshot of a Facebook post where Abramow writes:

“Thursday morning, at 8 a.m.,  I saw a kid who looks exactly like this kid standing on the opposite side of the rail on the Freddie sue bridge right at the south avenue/Monroe ave exit. I called the police then to report it and found out several co-workers also saw him and called 911 as well. He was in such a dangerous spot and there was so much ice. I called an hour later to check on him and was told an officer drove down there and didn’t see anything. I saw the news today and confirmed with coworkers that it was almost certainly the same kid!! I called the police again and they seemed dismissive. They said a teacher was almost positive she saw him about 1 pm and he ran away from her. I said it still warrants a search and was told it was up to the powers that be. I called News 13 and the guy was very dismissive. Several other coworkers also reached out to News 13 and nothing.”

I will be updating this story.