Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Assurant Insurance Company, Owned by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida, Engages in Bad Faith



Over the next few weeks I will be writing about and exposing the bad faith actions of Assurant Insurance Company.

Hopefully it can help you avoid what I’m going though with my claim after my home was burglarized.

At the very least, perhaps you won’t make the same mistake I made when looking for renters or homeowners insurance, and you will stay away from Assurant.

What’s worse than an insurance company engaging in bad faith by refusing to honor their duties and obligations to an insured,  per their contractual agreement for coverage?

That same insurance company hiring a private attorney to serve as a complicit partner in their bad faith conduct.

In the coming weeks I will be exposing everything.

And everyone.

But first, a little about how I got to this point.

On Saturday June 4, 2022, my apartment was burglarized, and a large amount of my personal property was stolen.

I arrived home to find the door to my apartment had been forced open with so much force that the deadbolt lock was completely ripped out and lay on the floor along with pieces of splintered wood fragments from the door frame.

If you have ever been the victim of a break in then certainly you know how traumatizing it can be.

Just knowing that your home, your personal private space was violated, can be unsettling enough to make you want to move.

In my case, since I live in an apartment community, with 7 other tenants in my building,, all sorts of thoughts immediately began running through my mind.

I began suspecting neighbors, as well as employees, especially when at least three employees, including two maintenance people as well as the rental manager abruptly quit just a couple of weeks after my apartment was burglarized.

It’s hard to describe the feelings one is left with after having your home burglarized.

That same night I couldn’t sleep.

Immediately after the police left, I gathered anything heavy I could find including boxes full of books and a bookcase l, and placed them against the door, in essence barricading myself inside my own home.

And while all these feelings and emotions are for lack of a better word, ‘normal’, little did I know I was about to be re-traumatized all over again, this time by the very same people we pay to protect and insure our personal belongings.

Enter Assurant Insurance Company, which is owned by American Bankers Insurance Company of Florida.

Since I filed my claim on the morning of Sunday June 5, 2022,, it has become clear that Assurant is one of the worst insurance companies around.

Assurant has a long and disturbing history of engaging in bad faith, including intentionally stalling and denying claims all in an attempt to avoid paying.

After being extremely patient, and giving Assuraht more than enough time to do the right thing, I am now ready to share my story.

Perhaps it can help you avoid going through what I’m going through.

At the very least perhaps my story will help you completely avoid one of the worst insurance companies around.


Stay tuned.