Monday, December 17, 2012

Rochester, NY City School District Refuses to Lower Flags in Memory of Connecticut School Shooting Victims

By Davy V.

Another story that Rochester's mainstream news media completely ignores.

My niece, who is a standard bearer at a Rochester, NY City School where she and my sons attend, was disappointed when she was not allowed to lower the school flag to half staff in memory of the innocent victims of the Connecticut school shooting, 20 of them children.

When she asked the school's secretary, "Isn't the flag supposed to be lowered to half staff today?" the secretary replied, "The District did not ask that the flags be lowered."

I placed a call to the Rochester City School District and spoke with 'Rose' in the Communications department who did not have an explanation.

"Certainly we apologize, we meant no disrespect and if we didn't get it today we will certainly, you know, hopefully tomorrow", Rose said.

Rose went on to tell me she would have someone from the RCSD call me back.

On Friday December 14, 2012 President Obama ordered flags be flown at half staff in memory of the Newton, Connecticut Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.


No one from the Rochester City School District ever got back to me, like I was told they would, but a day after I called the RCSD and wrote this blog, the flag at the school where my niece and sons attend was lowered to half staff.

Go figure.

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