Monday, December 17, 2012

Where Were They?

Rochester, NY City Councilman Adam McFadden

By Davy V.

On November 30, 2012 I broke the story, right here on my blog, of a disgusting and cowardly act.

An 8 minute and 35 second racist, bullying video made by Greece, NY teenagers Shawn Petrilli, Nick Robare and Amanda Farabella, targeting an African-American teen named Alex Hare, and Noel Parcells, an innocent 10 year old little girl who along with her 3 year old sister was murdered by her father in a murder-suicide last year.

In the video, the three teens repeatedly refer to Alex as a 'nigger', while threatening him and burning a hoodie sweatshirt which Noel had given to Alex as a gift, before she died.

After breaking the story, I called every single news outlet in the Rochester area and each one told me the same thing... we are NOT interested.

Then 10 days later, the media finally decided to jump on board and cover the story.

At a press conference held in my office, Alex Hare spoke out for the first time, since the incident, before a packed room of reporters and news cameras.

Davy V., Alex with mom Michelle Hare and Howard Eagle
at press conference.
Myself, Mr. Howard Eagle, who sent me the video in the first place, Alex and his mom Michelle Hare sat at the table, as the 'late to report on the story' media, asked questions.

Two days later I led a rally in Greece, NY which started at Barnard Park on Maiden Lane and ended at 100 Whittman Rd., the home of Shawn Petrilli, where the video was made.

Once again, noticeably absent through all this were Rochester's African-American so-called 'leaders', politicians, clergy members, and community.

Where were the Reverends and Pastors who gather on a street corner, hold hands, sing a few songs, and say a few prayers, whenever there's a homicide, making sure the television cameras capture their best side, before running and hiding, not to be seen again until the next murder?

Where was Rochester City Councilman Adam McFadden who earlier this year led a march of over a thousand Rochesterians down East Main St. when Trayvon Martin was killed, in Florida, 7 States and over 1,200 miles away from Rochester?

Where were all the African-Americans who were so quick to march behind McFadden?

Where was Rochester's NAACP Chapter?

Why didn't they speak out or denounce this act of racism in Greece, NY?

Why is it that, year after year, incident after incident, it's me, a Latino, on the front lines when it comes to issues which predominantly affect African-Americans in Rochester?

Whether it's denouncing the trigger-happy, corrupt Rochester, NY Police department, or in this case, racism and bullying in Greece, NY, a suburb of Rochester, why didn't any of Rochester's African-American so called 'leaders', politicians and clergy members march with myself and Mr. Howard Eagle in Greece?

Where were they?

The African-American community should be ashamed of themselves and their history of complacency and inaction here, in Rochester, NY.

A city with such a rich Civil Rights history and great leaders such as Frederick Douglass, and Susan B. Anthony, who did so much and who would never condone, or approve of, African-Americans in this city simply sitting idly, and doing nothing, about injustices committed against them, whether it's RPD cops gunning down innocent African-Americans, or three white teenagers in Greece, NY making a racist video.

Click Play to watch video made by three Greece, NY teens

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