Friday, February 15, 2013

Rochester, NY Police Department: Tax Payer Dollars at Work

RPD Chief James Sheppard
By Davy V.

Friday February 15, 2013 2:16 p.m.

When it comes to fighting crime, Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard claims his department, and his officers are hard at work.

However, it seems like Rochester, NY Police officers are 'hard at work' at doing anything but fighting real crime.

Whether racially profiling African-Americans and Latinos, harassing students downtown, lying and committing perjury under oath, executing innocent family pets, and using social media to make fun of mentally-ill and disabled people, Rochester taxpayers are seeing how their tax dollars are being used, by those who have sworn to 'serve and protect.'

Take for example, Rochester, NY Police officer Antonio Gonzalez.

While on patrol on Rochester's west side, Gonzalez came across a mentally-ill man, dressed in a martial arts uniform on Jefferson Avenue.

Gonzalez recorded the man on video, while he and his fellow RPD officers laughed and sang the song 'Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting'.'

Gonzalez then posted the video on the Internet and titled it 'Name that Crackhead.'

Once online, Gonzalez and RPD officers Josue Traverzo and Luis Hernandez, commented on the video, continuing to ridicule the man and even listing the numerical address on Jefferson Ave. where the man could be found.

Rochester Police officer Nelson Soto also has a thing for ridiculing citizens.

Particularly the disabled.

RPD officer Nelson Soto took this photo
from inside his police cruiser.
Soto, who works for the RPD's Tactical Unit, took the photo on the right of two elderly disabled people in the middle of winter, trying to get through Rochester's snow covered streets.

After taking the photo from inside his warm police cruiser, Soto posted it online with he title '4 Wheel drive Wheelchairs.'

It's obvious Rochester, NY Police Chief James Sheppard is NOT in control of his department, when his officers are using social media to post disturbing photos and videos of them ridiculing mentally-ill and disabled citizens.


On one summer evening, 9 Rochester, NY Police officers decided they had better things to do than to catch murderers and rapists.

This photo was taken by RPD officer Eliud Rodriguez
So, they went to the rooftop of the Public Safety building and posed for photos like the one on the right, which interestingly enough, even includes the Rochester Police department's Spokesperson, Sgt. Justin Collins.

Nothing like some male bonding within the RPD brotherhood, while crime is being committed on Rochester's streets.


When she's not busy promoting her father's Clifford Avenue bar, Rochester, NY Police officer Melanie Rivera is showing she can 'hang with the guys' by being the latest RPD officer to show that she does not take her job serious.

Having been suspended from the RPD before, Rivera, who works the east side division, lets her friends ride alongside her while on patrol, which is known as a 'ride along.'

RPD officer Melanie Rivera hard at work.
Rivera, who is listed in City of Rochester 2009 public records payroll information, as earning $58,197.10 then likes to post photos of her and her friends with titles such as "Look who's riding shotgun with me while I'm @ work!!"

Personally, I think Rivera is a beautiful woman.

She could be a model.

I'm just not so sure she should be 'striking a pose' while on the job.

I'm pretty sure that would go against the police officer's Code of Ethics.

Not that the Rochester, NY Police department knows anything about ethics.

RPD officer Melanie Rivera
more focused on taking a photo of herself,
than on her job.
And there you have it hard working, tax paying citizens of Rochester!

Your tax dollars at work.

Click Play to watch video of Rochester, NY Police officer Antonio Gonzalez

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