Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Did Rochester, NY City Councilman Adam McFadden Threaten my Life After I Criticized Him? If Not, is he Behind the Threats?

Rochester, NY City Councilman
Adam McFadden
By Davy V.


It all started on my new Facebook page, "Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed", where I posted a comment saying that Rochester, NY City Councilman Adam McFadden used to care about innocent victims mostly minorities, being profiled, abused, beaten and in some cases killed, by Rochester, NY Police officers, but that he has completely turned his back on his own community, and has sold out.

Within minutes of me posting the comment, 'Prince McFadden' posted "Slow down Davy V. don't get hurt", followed by "Careful of the water you tread on Dave! This is!"

One of the threats by 'Prince McFadden'

As in final warning?

As a father, I take any threat to me very serious.

Since I do not trust the Rochester, NY Police department, I thought of what I could do in order to document  my life being threatened, in the event that something should happen to me.

I decided to call City of Rochester, NY Communications director Gary Walker, someone I have known for many years, and made sure the threats were documented.

Within minutes of that call, Rochester, NY City Councilman Adam McFadden himself, posted the following comment:

Message from Rochester, NY City Councilman Adam McFadden
"Dave V is a phony...Calling city hall claiming to be scared of my family... Call logs to prove it... Sellout never! runtelldat!"

Interestingly, when I look at Adam McFadden's comment and I compare it to the comment made by 'Prince McFadden', both comments refer to me as 'Dave', a name no one ever calls me, except Adam McFadden.

This makes me wonder if 'Prince McFadden' is really Adam McFadden, which would then mean that he himself, threatened me.

I have known Adam McFadden for over 20 years.

In fact, we both went to Edison Tech High School in Rochester.

And I completely stand by my opinion of him.

He completely sold out the very same voters who elected him.

Apart from the fact that my life was threatened, whether or not it was actually Adam McFadden himself, using the name 'Prince McFadden', Rochester taxpayers need to know that McFadden is, at the very least 'co-signing' the threats, instead of denouncing them.

And all because I expressed my opinion of him.

It's disturbing that Adam McFadden, the SW district Rochester, NY Councilmember since 2004, and chair of the Public Safety Youth Recreation Committee (PSYR) would either threaten me, or as I said earlier, approve of such threats.

After all, shouldn't elected officials be held to a different standard?

"Runtelldat", is this the type conduct an individual that represents the citizens of Rochester, NY engages in?

If so, Rochester is doomed.

Perhaps this young African-American woman, whom I decided not to publish her name, says it best when describing Adam McFadden, in a message she sent to me.

"The issue with McFadden I am no surprised, he points fingers and behaves as he is crooked and self leaving, years ago I was attacked by a drunken female who he helped beat charges just because she was a friend, by the time the investigation was complete, the paperwork for court had been mysteriously shifted around, and it was too late. Ever since then the courts do not allow council members to be a part of pre-trials, in which McFadden was a part of then."

The woman goes on to say, "Adam McFadden is very deceitful and full of himself, out community is falling because these parasites only take care of things to hold a position and to stay in power for their friends and family. They have no authentic care for our kids and families..... If they did, he would be hand in hand with you Davy as a man and as a politician/prior activist. Remember how Adam McFadden started off? With drama and issues with the Rochester Police on East Ave. in the East! What does he do now?"

The incident the woman is referring to happened on October 31, 2004 after a Rochester City Court Judge issued an arrest warrant for McFadden after he got into an altercation with a Rochester club owner and threatened to beat the man with his belt.

Sounds like my life was just threatened, and Rochester, NY City Councilman Adam McFadden is behind it!

Now go RUNTELLDAT Adam!!!!!

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