Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Greece, NY Taxpayer Dollars at Work: Police Chief Todd Baxter andCaptain Patrick Phelan's 9 Mile Drive and Nearly 2 Hour Long Latin FoodTrip

By Davy V.
Greece, NY Police Chief
Todd Baxter

Apparently, the Rochester, NY Police department is not the only police agency which likes to waste taxpayer dollars by allowing its officers to drive their cruisers outside the city and into other towns to eat, do errands, etc.

It seems as though the Greece, NY Police department is following suit.

Case in point.

Greece, NY Police Chief Todd Baxter and his Captain Patrick Phelan were spotted at El Latino Dominican Restaurant, located at 1020 Chili Avenue in Rochester, more than 9 miles from the Greece Police department on Island Cottage Rd.

Chief Baxter and Captain Phelan arrived at the restaurant around 12:00 pm and spent nearly 2 hours eating inside, before leaving in separate vehicles, around 1:45 pm.
Greece, NY Police Capt.
Patrick Phelan

The Chief left in his official police vehicle, a black Dodge Charger, while Captain Phelan left in a dark red vehicle, possibly a Ford.

A woman who answered the phone at Chief Baxter's officer confirmed that the Chief, and Captain Phelan, were on duty at the time they were at El Latino Restaurant.

So there you have it, Greece, NY residents.

Your taxpayer dollars at work.

9 miles.

Nearly 2 hours.
Chief Baxter's official police vehicle.

Your money.

Hey, as a Latino, I have to give it up to Chief Baxter... he likes Latin food!
Greece, NY Police Chief Todd Baxter (right)
and Captain Patrick Phelan
leaving El Latino Restaurant.

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