Friday, March 8, 2013

Rochester, NY Police Cruiser Crashes into Driver's Vehicle after Officer Forgets to Put it in Park During Traffic Stop

By Davy V.

Posted Friday March 8, 2013 9:00 p.m.

Rochester, NY custom clothing designer Richard Greyfaces, of Greyfaces Clothing, had just pulled the Cadillac Escalade into the Sunoco gas station at the corner of W. Main and Reynolds Streets, when he noticed Rochester, NY Police officer Bryan Brown IBM# 2116 behind him with flashing lights.

Not sure if Brown was pulling him, or another vehicle over, Greyfaces did what most people would do in the same situation, he turned the vehicle off and remained seated.

Clothing Designer Richard Greyfaces
"I didn't know who he was pulling over, he got behind me and walked up to the truck really fast, then I heard boom!", said Greyfaces, before adding, "The whole truck rocked, then the officer ran to his car and I got out to see what was going on, as I was scared and thought maybe another car had hit his car, then I saw the officer backing his car up and I asked him did somebody hit his car and he said 'No, I forgot to put my car in park.'

Officer Brown then told Greyfaces that he had to report the accident to his Sergeant, and told Greyfaces to sit tight.

Several Rochester, NY Police officers soon arrived, followed by the Sgt. who looked at the damage to the Escalade's rear.

Unbeknownst to Greyfaces, a white man, driving a beautiful Cadillac truck in the hood, Rochester Police officer Brown, had profiled him, a common practice, especially when it comes to the Rochester, NY Police department.

Sunoco gas station on the corner of W. Main and Reynolds St.
Then, to add insult to injury, after Rochester Police officer Bryan Brown profiles Greyfaces, smashes his RPD cruiser into the Escalade, and makes Greyfaces sit there until a Sergeant arrives, Rochester Police officer Joseph Vanderstyne, writes Greyfaces a ticket for an unregistered motor vehicle, even though the vehicle's registration is valid until March of 2014.

But perhaps, the most interesting thing here is it shows just how thirsty these Rochester, NY Police officers are, profiling motorists, and so anxious to run up on innocent people, that they forget to put their cruisers in park.

Literally, Laughing My Ass Off!

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