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Rochester, NY Police department Retaliates Against City Family after Story of Officer Shooting their Pet Dog goes Public

Photo by Davy V.
By Davy V.


After having their pet dog Choco shot in the face by a Rochester, NY Police officer, the RPD is retaliating against the family, after I exposed the story here on my blog, on, and on my new Facebook page 'Rochester, NY Police department Exposed!'

On Thursday March 14, 2013, Rochester, NY Police officers came to Teddy Padilla's home at 97 Bleacker St. for what the RPD alleges was a report of a lose dog.

Choco on his walk with Teddy
Photo by Davy V.
The Padillas are responsible pet owners.

So much so, that Teddy Padilla installed a 6 foot high fence on his property.

A fence which the City of Rochester made him take it down, telling him that the fence could not be more than 3 feet tall.

Somehow, Choco got out.

Like dogs do.

Within minutes, a Rochester, NY Police officer shot Choco in the face after claiming that Choco charged at the officer.

Choco's medication
and fluid drainage vials.
Photo by Davy V.
Padilla's wife, Ada called her husband telling him "They police shot Choco!"

"I pull up to my home and I get out and the first thing I ask the officers is what's going on, and the officer tells me we had to shoot your dog" Teddy Padilla, his grey long sleeve shirt showing smears of his Choco's blood.

"I said what do you mean you shot my dog, and the officer, very nonchalant says 'yep, we had to shoot your dog', I couldn't believe it."

Around 6:00 p.m., Ada Padilla was in her home when she heard Choco, a pit bull terrier, barking.

Ada then looked out of an upstairs window and saw a Rochester Police cruiser in front of the house.

"Dangerous Dog"Summons.
Photo by Davy V.
"I ran downstairs and the officer was saying 'Get your dog, get your dog', and I said to him I'm trying, but the officer kept moving all over the place, then Choco ran in the house and the officer walked up as if to talk to me and Choco came back out but he was never aggressive and he never charged at the officer, it was more like he was excited but not aggressive and then the officer that had stayed inside the police car all this time got out of the car, walked up, took out his gun and shot Choco", said Ada Padilla.

"Then Choco ran inside the house crying and bleeding from his mouth, there was blood everywhere, and he ran inside his crate, scared."

The Padillas rushed Choco to the Veterinary Specialists & Animal Emergency Service on White Spruce Blvd., where Choco underwent emergency surgery.

Choco is back home, and as you can see in the photos is back to being the fun, loving and energetic dog he was before being shot by a trigger-happy cop.

I visited Choco Saturday afternoon, and accompanied Teddy as he walked Choco around the neighborhood.

Later, Teddy explained to me that Choco has a small tubing hose which attaches to a vial, where fluids, mostly blood, drain from Choco's wound.

"Unleashed dog" Summons.
Photo by Davy V.
Teddy also showed me the different medications, including antibiotics, that Choco is on.

Choco will also need dental work as a result of the bullet trail which took out his molars and caused considerable damage.

On Friday morning, Teddy Padilla went to the Public Safety building to get a copy of the incident report, like an RPD Sgt. who responded to the shooting told him he could.

Once there, Padilla was told that there is no record of the shooting.

Padilla left empty handed.

But perhaps most disturbing, is what happened next.

After I broke the story of the shooting, the Rochester, NY Police department retaliated against the Padilla family.

Saturday morning the family received two appearance tickets.

One for  "dangerous dog."

The second, for "unleashed dog."

So the RPD shoots an innocent family dog, costing a loving family $ 1,272.65 in veterinary medical costs, then, after the story goes public, they charge the family, whose dog accidentally got out?

If that's not a classic example of 'adding insult to injury', then I don't know what is.

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