Monday, March 18, 2013

Rochester, NY Police officers Assault Man in front of Fiancé, then Call him a "Little Faggot"

Rochester, NY Police Chief
James Sheppard
continues to condone RPD officers
abusing innocent people.
By Davy V.


Rob Tobey, his fiancé Aricka, and their friend Chris, had gone out to celebrate St. Patrick's Day Saturday, like thousands of other Rochester, NY residents did.

Unfortunately, the Luck O' The Irish would not be with the trio.

After parking their vehicle in the $10 dollar parking lot across from Club Grotto, on Lawrence St. off East Ave. in Rochester's East End district, Rob, Aricka, and Chris went into Grotto to start the St. Paddy's festivities.

Aware of the fact that he would be the driver on the trip home, Rob was mindful of his drinking, and in fact, stopped early on.

"I knew I had a responsibility to get my fiancé, my friend, and myself home safely", said Rob.

Rob, his fiance Aricka and their friend Chris.
After leaving Grotto, the three went for a walk down East Ave, then around 6:00 pm, began to walk back towards their car on Lawrence St.

With Aricka slightly ahead, and Rob and Chris a little behind, Rob saw security, believed to be off-duty Rochester, NY Police officers, and an RPD officer in full uniform, standing near metal barriers which were set up about 30 feet from the corner of Lawrence St. and East Ave., near Club Grotto.

Security then told Rob and Chris to go around, and at this point, Aricka, noticing that Rob and Chris were still behind, told security, and the RPD officer that Rob and Chris were with her.

Then, the Rochester, NY Police officer looked at Aricka and said to her "You're fine, you can come through because you're pretty, but those two have to pay", referring to Rob and Chris.

Club Grotto
Photo by Davy V.
"I tried to tell them that we didn't want to go back into Grotto's, that we just wanted to go to our car and leave", said Rob.

Security then started asking the three about wristbands, and Rob once again explained to them that they did not want to go back in the club.

"They kept asking about wristbands, which we had never even received any wristbands when we first paid when we got there, I kept telling them that we were going home, and they kept saying we had to pay ten dollars each", said Rob.

One of several bruises Rob suffered after
being assaulted by RPD officers,
this one on his right thigh.
"Then out of nowhere, as I'm explaining that we just want to go to our car, two Rochester, NY Police officers come up from behind me, and grab me by my arms and drag me backwards and toss me near the corner, where I fell onto my back", said Rob in a phone interview with me.

Then as I'm getting up, a Rochester, NY Police officer sticks his hand out pointing at me and yells "Get the fuck out of here before you get arrested!"

Rob describes that officer as being in his 30's and wearing a dark RPD winter hat.

"As I started to walk, the officer kept yelling at me 'Get the fuck out of here!', then I asked them why did they put their hands on me, and at this point, there was a group of about three Rochester Police officers, including a female officer who looked like she was Latina, and they were all laughing, then one of the officers, an older looking one said 'Look at the tough guy, look at the little faggot."

Rob, Aricka and Chris were then forced to walk all the way around, down East Ave. to Alexander St., then down Alexander to the other side of the parking lot, just to get to their vehicle.
This off duty Rochester, NY Police officer
was working security at Club Grotto.
Does he think he's Batman?

The couple then both called 911, where a dispatcher told them that an RPD Sgt. would call them shortly.

No one ever called.

Note: This is at least the second assault by Rochester, NY Police officers of an innocent person, on Lawrence St., in front of Club Grotto, in just over a week.

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