Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Greece, NY Police Continue to show they Truly are Above the Law!

By Davy V.

Whether it's their Police Chief Todd Baxter taking a nearly 2 hour lunch with his Captain, 9 miles away from their headquarters, on duty, on taxpayer time, and money, or officers parking illegally, the Greece, NY Police department continues to show that they truly are, above the law.

A clear example of this could be seen in downtown Rochester Tuesday morning, when not one, but two Greece, NY Police cruisers were spotted illegally parked.

Well, actually, one cruiser was illegally parked.

The second cruiser, was unethically parked.

Left me explain.

While not illegal, a Greece, NY Police officer driving cruiser 803, clearly didn't care about respecting reserved parking spaces in the City of Rochester's South Avenue parking garage.

As can be seen in the photo on the right, the officer parked in a clearly posted parking space reserved for Hyatt Hotel guests only.

The sign states 'STRICTLY ENFORCED', so I paced to the Hyatt Hotel, which is adjacent to the parking garage.

When I asked the hotel representative who answered the phone, if the parking spaces were strictly reserved for hotel guests, he replied yes.

I then asked him if anyone who is not staying at the hotel, was allowed to park in those parking spaces.

He said no.
Greece, NY Police cruiser 817 illegally parked
in front of City of Rochester Parking Violations Bureau.

However, he changed his tune when I asked him if a Greece, NY Police officer could park in the spaces reserved for hotel guests.

"Oh yeah, absolutely, if they're a police officer, absolutely, if it's a police officer, not a problem."



The second Greece, NY Police officer, driving cruiser 817 was illegally parked on South Ave., in front of a clearly marked 'NO PARKING' zone.

Ironically, the Greece, NY Police cruiser was illegally parked, in front of all places, the City of Rochester Parking Violations Bureau!

So there you have it, another classic example of law enforcement's DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO!

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