Saturday, April 20, 2013

Profiting off Sex Abuse and other Crimes in Rochester, NY and Monroe County

By Davy V.
Andy Abarca

Rochester's Crook Book newspaper features mugshots of individuals accused of crimes in Rochester, NY and throughout Monroe County.

Selling in businesses throughout the City of Rochester and Monroe County, for $ 1.00, the Crook Book's founders and publishers, Andy Abarca, Michael Robinson, and Marc DiFrancesco, are profiting off crimes, which include sexual abuse cases.

In fact, Andy Abarca, who also owns a communications and satellite dish business called RawSaw, recently left the following comment bragging that after a piece titled "The Names and Faces Behind Rochester's Crook Book", ran on my blog last week, I would make him "rich."
Rochester's Crook Book
Profiting off Crimes.

Here's Abarca's comment, unedited, including misspellings:

"the best thing about this is more people now know about the crook book...and becuase of the we just got a distribution deal for buffalo....thank you for the free advertisement. Your gonna make me rich. and I appreciate it."

But that's not the only comment which Andy Abarca has left.

Here are the comments Abarca left referring to a female administrator for the former Rochester, NY Police Department Exposed! Facebook page:

"Tanya loves cock"

"Look me up.... I skeet on bitches named Tanya"

Now, as I've mentioned before, mugshots of individuals arrested and charged with crimes, are public information, however, many people find it offensive, even disgusting, that these three individuals are profiting off of crimes.
Michael Robinson

While some may find Rochester's Crook Book entertaining, the truth is, Andy Abarca, Michael Robinson, and Marc DiFrancesco are lining their pockets, at the expense of real crimes, and REAL victims.

After all, it's not like Rochester's Crook Book's founders created the paper to help victims of crimes.

None of the money Abarca, Robinson, or DiFrancesco make goes to any sort of victims fund.

It's clear that only motivation of Crook Book's founders, is money.

And Abarca's comment, is proof of this.
Marc DiFrancesco

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