Sunday, May 12, 2013

Rochester, NY Police officer Cedric Felton Remains Professional, When Asked About Incident With Disabled Man in Wheelchair Being Assaulted by RPD officers, but Female officer Has No Comment

By Davy V.
Rochester, NY Police officer Cedric Felton

I haven't been to the Lilac Festival in Rochester, NY, since May 16, 2009, when I was hit by a car, while crossing the intersection of South and Highland Avenues.

I was hit by a Toyota Camry, which gives new meaning, to the old Toyota slogan, "Oh what a feeling!", driven by an RIT student who claimed that he never saw me in the crosswalk, even though I waited for the "Walk" sign, and had the right of way.

I never understood how he couldn't see me, as I was wearing a bright red, blue, and white Cuba jersey, but then again, I never saw the car, so I suppose perhaps he really didn't see me.

I also don't understand how two Rochester, NY Police officers who were manning the intersection, found it more interesting to talk with each other, than to cross pedestrians, including myself.

I will never forget how, after I was hit, flew over the car, and landed in the middle of the street, a Rochester Police officer told me "Dude, get away from me, you're bleeding all over the place!", when I was stumbling, dazed, confused, and bloodied, wearing only one sneaker.

After undergoing surgery, and spending a week at Strong Hospital, I didn't walk for almost 6 months.

The best thing after getting out of the hospital was being able to see my beautiful daughter being born, as I sat in a wheelchair, with my leg propped up, looking like the Michelin Man, dressed me in an all white Tyvek suit.

I thank God for surviving getting hit by a car, and seeing my princess come into the world.

So, I decided to take a nice walk through the festival, and I thought I'd see if I could get any Rochester, NY Police officers to comment on the video of a disabled man in a motorized wheelchair, assaulted by Rochester Police officers, which is going viral on the Internet.

As I approached the intersection of Goodman St. and Highland Ave., I noticed two RPD officers, ironically enough, crossing pedestrians.

I couldn't help but to have a flashback of my incident, and how I was almost killed.

"That's better treatment than I got four years ago, when I was hit by a car next to two RPD officers!", I said to the female officer.

She just looked at me.

I thought I'd ask the officers what they thought about a disabled person being beaten by RPD officers.

Officer Cedric Felton, remained professional and courteous, not only commenting, but showing he had no issue with being video recorded, unlike other officers.

After all, if you are doing your job, and doing nothing wrong, then why worry that you're being video recorded?

But some RPD officers don't get it.

The second officer, the female, well, lets just say she wasn't professional, or courteous, like officer Felton was.

Take a look.

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