Monday, August 5, 2013

Tiger Woods Disses Fans at PGA

By Davy V.
Tiger Woods

Two thumbs down for professional golfer Tiger Woods after he disses his fans!

Here's what happened.

Dozens of fans waited for hours at Oak Hill Country Club, in Rochester, NY for their favorite players to arrive for the first day of practice rounds at the 2013 PGA Championship.

One of the crowd favorites, Tiger Woods, arrived shortly after 3:00 pm, and walked down some steps, just a few feet away from fans who were holding signs and souvenirs for him to sign.

Woods walked towards the crowd, appearing to sign autographs, then at the last minute, turned away, displaying a discontent look on his face, as he kept on walking, leaving his fans dissapointed.

Not surprising, Rochester, NY 13WHAM sportscaster Mike Catalana, who has alot to lose if he in any way, shape, or form criticizes Woods' behavior, (Catalana is at the PGA looking for exclusive interviews with players), plays down Woods dissing his fans, even going as far as to say that fans were pushing each other, and that the barrier looked like it was going to topple over.

None of which are true.

If there's one thing I hate more than arrogant, overpaid athletes and celebrities acting more like children, than adults, it's other adults making excuses for them!

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