Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Brenda Hardaway Taken Into Custody in Front of her Crying Mother, After Judge Raises her Bail to $25,000; Rochester, NY's African-American Community Remains Silent

By Davy V.
New York State Supreme Court Justice
Francis Affronti

When Greece, NY Police Sgt. Nick Joseph was arraigned in front of New York Supreme Court Justice Francis A. Affronti, in 2008, after he snorted cocaine, and pounded down drink after drink at Spender's bar, then got behind the wheel of his Rochester Police Sgt. brother David Joseph's car, raced down Interstate 390, crashed into a pregnant woman's stalled car at almost 80 miles per hour, rupturing her placenta, then fled the scene, Justice Affronti released him without bail.

On Tuesday September 17, 2013 Brenda Hardaway, a pregnant African-American woman who was driven into a wooden porch deck post, punched in the head, then thrown to the ground by Rochester, NY Police officer Lucas Krull, all caught on a video which has gone viral, showed up to her court appearance to answer numerous charges which the RPD charged her with, including, ironically, assaulting a police officer.

Rochester, NY Police officer Lucas Krull.
getting ready to punch Brenda Hardaway in her head.
Minutes later, as her mother watched, a court deputy walked up behind her, handcuffed her, and took her away, after Justice Affronti increased her $7,500 bail to $25,000.

Hardaway had already previously posted the original $7,500 bail.

According to Affronti, he believes that there is a viable concern that Brenda Hardaway could have future contact with law enforcement.

Justice Affronti, you're probably right sir, Brenda Hardaway probably would have future contact with the RPD.

Greece, NY Police Sgt.
Nick Joseph after crashing into
pregnant woman's stalled vehicle
while high on cocaine and booze.
Those thugs in uniform will stop at nothing now, to retaliate against her, especially after a viral video of one of their brotherhood cops is being viewed around the world.

And Justice Affronti, about Greece, NY Police Sgt. Nick Joseph, a dirty cop who was convicted, and who you DID NOT sentence him to the maximum, which you could have, a cop whose illegal, and reckless actions and behavior almost killed an innocent little girl who had to be delivered through emergency C-Section, 14 weeks prematurely, how is it that you released him without having to post any bail, but you increase a pregnant black woman's bail to $25,000, who was beaten by an RPD cop?

And despite Brenda Hardaway's beating by a white cop, and what is turning out to be as one African-American man put it, "a modern day lynching", Rochester's African-American community, including its "so-called" black leaders, such as City Councilman Adam McFadden, and Lovely Warren, who just won Rochester's Mayoral primary, continue to be silent.

I wonder what civil rights activist Frederick Douglass, who is buried in Rochester's Mt. Hope Cemetery, less than 4 miles from where Brenda Hardaway was beaten by a white cop, would say.

Click Play to watch video of RPD officer Lucas Krull beating Brenda Hardaway

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