Monday, September 23, 2013

Rochester, NY Police Officer Races at High Speeds Near Elementary School, Drives the Wrong Way on a One-Way Street, and Crashes into Car, Injuring Passengers

Kia Forte after being hit by 
Rochester, NY Police cruiser W-71,who was traveling 
at high rate of speed going the wrong way 
on a one way street.
Photo by Davy V.
By Davy V.

Is it just me?

Or, doesn't it seem like on the average, every 1-2 months, a Rochester, NY Police officer is involved in some sort of motor vehicle accident, in which the cruiser is either severely damaged, or a total loss, costing Rochester, NY taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

RPD cruiser W-71,
was traveling at high rate of speed going the wrong way
on a one way street, when it crashed into vehicle
carrying three passengers.
Photo by Davy V.
On Sunday June 30, 2013 a Rochester, NY Police officer crashed into a parked vehicle on Westfield St., in Rochester’s 19th ward neighborhood, around 5:00 a.m.

Neighbors say the were awakened by a “huge bang.”

One woman, who took the photos on the right, said she came outside and saw what she described as a tall Rochester Police officer, bleeding from the back of his head.

According to neighbors, it appears as if the RPD officer fell asleep at the wheel.

On Monday September 23, 2013, a Rochester Police officer crashed into a vehicle carrying three passengers, injuring all three.

Kia Forte after being hit by RPD cruiser W-71
Photo by Davy V.
Neighbors who stood on the corner of Grape and Campbell Streets on Rochester's west side all said the sane thing,

"That police car must have been doing 70 miles an hour going the wrong way up Campbell', said a man who because of fear of retaliation from Rochester Police, wanted to remain anonymous.

"They don't care. They will cover it all up and somehow blame the driver who was doing nothing wrong," said a woman who also wanted to remain anonymous.

The police car, racing at high speeds gong the wrong way up Campbell Street, which is a One-Way street, struck a white four door Kia Forte sedan, at the intersection of Campbell and Grape Street.

The sedan was traveling southbound on Grape St.

The RPD cruiser, which also had an officer in the passenger seat, was traveling east on Campbell Street.

The crash which occurred around 3:30 pm, sent the sedan spinning until it wound up halfway on a sidewalk, about 30 feet from the intersection.

The RPD cruiser wound up about 45 feet from the intersection.

Not only is it disturbing that the accident happened in a residential neighborhood, but also disturbing is the fact that it occurred as Enrico Fermi School #17, which is located just three blocks down Campbell street, was getting ready to dismiss elementary school children for the day.

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