Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren Says She Was on iPad, and Dozing Off, Didn't Know her SUV had been Pulled Over Twice

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren
By Davy V.

If Rochester, NY was a major city like New York or Toronto, Saturday Night Live would have endless material for skits, when it comes to Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren.

Since taking office, Lovely Warren has been a train wreck.

It has literally been one thing after another.

Beginning when she hired her uncle Reggie Hill, a returned New York State Police investigator, to lead two man bodyguard and personal chauffeur team.

In doing so, Lovely Warren unilaterally created two positions, costing Rochester taxpayers more than $140,000 a year.

Warren's creation of these two positions came just a couple of months after Rochester, NY was ranked the 5th poorest city in the U.S.

The bodyguard/ personal chauffeur positions were a first in Rochester, NY history.
Reggie Hill has resigned.

Earlier this month, during a press conference, Lovely Warren was asked by reporters of the traffic stop. where New York State Police said Reggie Hill was driving 97 miles per hour on the thruway, happened on the way to Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State Address in Albany, or on the way back.

"On the way back," Lovely Warren replied.

Lovely Warren lied.

Reggie Hill was stopped twice.

Lovely Warren's SUV was stopped twice.

The first time, on the way to Albany, where Reggie Hill was clocked driving 92 miles per hour, and the second time, on the way back to Rochester, where New York State Police clicked Hill driving at 97 miles per hour.

New York State Police refused to ticker Hill in either stop.

After several days of ignoring questions by the media, and refusing to say why she lied, Reggie Hill resigned, admitting he was pulled over twice.

Yesterday, in an interview with News 10NBC reporter Lynnette Adams, Lovely Warren finally broke her silence.

Warren said she never lied and has always told the truth.

In her news report, Adams says she asked Lovely Warren off camera why she left out that there were two traffic stops.

Lovely Warren's reply?

She says that during the trip, she was on her ipad, and was dozing off, and she didn't realize there had been two stops.


Wait a sec.

Let me get this straight...

Lovely Warren says she was on her ipad, and dozing off, therefore she didn't realize that her SUV had been pulled over.


Ok, she was in a Chevy Tahoe, not a 747 jet.

Who wouldn't remember being stopped by cops?


Lovely Warren is a liar.

And anyone who believes her, deserves to be duped by her.

Check out the videos below.

I don't know about you, but it's clear just by looking at Lovely Warren talking that she's lying.

Look at the eyes.

The eyes say it all.

Click Play to watch video.

Click Play to watch video.

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