Friday, January 31, 2014

Rochester, NY's City Newspaper Features a Liar and a Criminal Getaway Driver on The Front Cover

Lovely "The Liar" Warren, with her husband
Timothy "The Getaway Driver" Granison.
By Davy V.

Once considered a refreshing alternative newspaper, Rochester's City newspaper is now good for only one thing.

Housebreaking your new puppy.

The free weekly publication has lost its appeal, purpose, and the loyal following it once had, many years ago.

And it's no surprise why.

Take, for example, the January 29th edition of City newspaper, which features Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren and her husband Timothy Granison.

Better known as 'Lovely the Liar', and 'The Getaway Driver.'

Since being sworn in as Rochester's 67th mayor, Lovely Warren has brought a drak cloud to City Hall, and a dark cloud over my hometown.

It literally has been one non-stop train wreck.

It all began when Lovely Warren's husband's past was revealed.

On a cold winter day, in 1997, three Rochester, NY men planned one of the biggest, and most violent armed robberies in local history.

One of those men was Rochester, NY mayor Lovely Warren's husband, Timothy Granison.

Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's husband
Timothy "The Getaway Driver" Granison
Or, "The Getaway Driver."

Timothy Granison drove his two friends, 25-year old Zachary Holmes, and 17-year old Josh Cottrell, to The Source Jewerly store in Greece, NY, a suburb just outside Rochester.

While his friends entered the store with loaded handguns, Lovely Warren's husband sat behind the wheel, and kept the engine running.

Inside the store, while a woman was showing Zachary Holmes a tray of expensive diamond engagement rings, Holmes jumped over the glass sales counter, put his gun to the woman's head, and began yelling at the terrified woman that he was going to kill her.

The two men then stuffed approximately $900,000 in diamonds and gold jewelry into bags, before running out of the store.

Leaving a trail of shiny gold and diamonds scattered all over the sidewalk, the trio, including Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren's husband were apprehended by police before getting away.

Timothy Granison turned snitch, and in exchange for pleading guilty to second-degree robbery, received five years probation.

Holmes received 25 years after a jury found him guilty of first-degree armed robbery.

Cottrell pleaded guilty to armed robbery at The Source, and also to robbing two men, at gunpoint the previous day, on Monroe Avenue, received a total of 7 to 15 years in State prison.

Timothy Granison, once a willing participant in a nearly $1 Million dollar violent armed robbery, now works for UPS.

After her husband's criminal past was revealed, Lovely Warren hired her uncle, Reggie Hill, a retired New York State Police investigator, and a second man, Caesar Carbonell, as her personal bodyguards and chauffeurs.

With the hires, Lovely Warren unilaterally created two positions, costing Rochester taxpayers more than $140,000 a year.

Warren's creation of these two positions came just a couple of months after Rochester, NY was ranked the 5th poorest city in the U.S.

Shortly after hiring her uncle and Carbonell, Reggie Hill was pulled over for speeding by New York State Police.

Earlier this month, during a press conference, Lovely Warren was asked by reporters about the traffic stop, in which New York State Police said Reggie Hill was driving 97 miles per hour on the thruway.

Reporters asked Lovely Warren if the stop happened on the way to Governor Andrew Cuomo's State of the State Address in Albany, or on the way back to Rochester.

"On the way back," Lovely Warren replied.

A few days later, Rochester, NY radio talk show host Bob Lonsberry broke the news story that Lovely Warren's SUV had actually been stopped twice.

The first time, on the way to Albany, where Reggie Hill was clocked driving 92 miles per hour, and the second time, on the way back to Rochester, where New York State Police clicked Hill driving at 97 miles per hour.

Reggie Hill was not ticketed in either stop.

After several days of ignoring questions by the media, and refusing to say why she lied, Lovely Warren's uncle, Reggie Hill resigned, admitting he was pulled over twice.

Lovely Warren refused to explain why she lied.

Then just a couple of days ago, in an interview with News 10NBC reporter Lynnette Adams, Lovely Warren finally broke her silence.

Warren said she never lied and has always told the truth.

In her news report, Adams says she asked Lovely Warren off camera why she left out that there were two traffic stops.

The Liar, and The Getaway Driver.
Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren
and her husband Timothy Granison.
Lovely Warren said that during the trip, she was on her ipad, and was dozing off, and didn't realize there had been two stops.

Lovely Warren is a liar.

And City Newspaper's publisher and editor Mary Anna Towler should be ashamed of herself, for putting a liar and a criminal, who took part in a disgusting, violent robbery where an innocent woman could have killed, on the cover.

We teach our children not to lie.

To always tell the truth.

We teach our children that good behavior is rewarded.

Bad behavior is NOT rewarded.

Lying is NOT rewarded.

Shame on Mary Anna Towler for rewarding Rochester, NY Mayor Lovely Warren, a liar, and her husband, Timothy Granison, a criminal, by giving them the cover.

A cover should be a reward.

It should be reserved for people who have positively contributed
to society in some way.

Lovely Warren is a liar whose lies have hurt an already struggling city.

She with that smirk on her face is not worthy of a cover of any publication.

And neither is her criminal husband, staring down the camera in the City newspaper photo.

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