Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New York State Police Uses Facebook to Attract Snitches

New York State Police
"Warrant Wednesdays"
By Davy V.

Calling all snitches!

The New York State Police has turned to Facebook in hopes that you will help them catch warrant suspects.

They're calling it Warrant Wednesdays.

Every Wednesday, New York State Police will post photos of individuals with warrants out for their arrest.

According to New York State Police, they are hoping the community will get involved and locate those individuals for them.

In other words, snitch.

I mean let's call it what it really is.

Warrant Wednesdays is the latest example of law enforcement using social media and the internet's power and reach, in hopes that people will snitch.

I wonder if they will provide tipsters and their families with protection.

Of course not.

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