Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rochester, NY News 8 Television Reporter Rachel Barnhart Goes on Coffee Withdrawal Rant on Social Media

News 8 Reporter
Rachel Barnhart
By Davy V.

The blizzard of 2014 caught a lot of people off guard.

Of course, most people, or at least those who watch any sort of news reports knew there was a blizzard coming.

But even still, storms affect everyone differently.

This morning I spent a half hour trying to get my car's door open.

I'm not talking about the locks, those were working just fine.

I'm talking about the doors were literally frozen shut.

I realized that pulling on the handles any more would mean I'd soon break a handle off, and be left holding it in my hand.

As if things couldn't get any worse, when I tried to enter my apartment building to get warm, the lock on the door was frozen shut.

I had to buzz several neighbors until someone let me in.

Suffice it to say, we all deal with a storm differently.

Some prepare.

Some don't.

And there's things one can't control, or prepare for.

But don't tell that to Rochester. NY News 8 television reporter Rachel Barnhart who went on a caffeine withdrawal social media rant Thursday morning, when she couldn't get her coffee because a small coffee shop business owner in downtown Rochester was digging his shop out from the blizzard of 2014.

So lacking any kind of understanding, empathy, or professionalism, Rachel Barnhart who touts herself as being a dedicated, corporate-America mainstream media professional, and hometown Rochestarian, (in fact she runs a blog called The Rochesterian) slammed a small hometown business, when she took to twitter in a rant, where she vented about her caffeine withdrawal.

In fact, in one tweet, the veteran  Barnhart, who is known for sleeping around with Rochester, NY Police officers, admits that she has no empathy.

Below are just some of the more than two dozen tweets Barnhart posted.

Barnhart also took her rant on Facebook, where many of her posts were deleted.

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